Ho-Ho-Hungry?: 5 Adorable Christmas Appetizers

There are tons of different ways to bake and decorate with gingerbread and peppermint – we’ve seen all of the Christmas desserts. But there is another group of treats to enjoy that will make your Christmas-party goers think you’re the next Martha Stewart...Paula Deen…Rachel Ray (she’s still in the clear, right?). Appetizers are fun, low in calories, and allow you to get creative!

1. Crackers with Cream Cheese and Mint Jelly

While this might sound like an odd mixture, this sweet-and-salty-tasting combination makes for a delicious festive-looking treat! Spread a small amount of cream cheese on any type of salted cracker, and throw a dollop of mint jelly on top. Mint jelly just so happens to come in both red and green colors, so alternate between the two to maximize your holiday-chef potential.

2. Mini Sausage Wreath

Mini sausages wrapped in crescent dough rolls are a yummy treat for your carnivorous guests to enjoy – though crescent rolls with any kind of meat will typically work. Whether you want to use mini sausages or get a little gluttonous and use mini hotdogs wrapped in bacon, it doesn’t matter: the presentation is key here. Set up your treats in a circle like a wreath and cut up a red pepper for a bow. The inner circle can be used for a dipping sauce of your choice. See a sausage recipe and instructions here!

3. Mini Christmas Pizzas

Even the pickiest eaters can usually dig a cheese pizza, right? Use cookie cutters to cut the dough into fun Christmas-themed shapes. Top your pizza with red and green pepper strips to make them look even more festive!

4. Christmas Tree Cheese Board

Get a little Mediterranean with an appetizer cheese board. Buy your favorite cheeses – Monterey, Marble, Mozzarella (I suggest the Cracker Barrel brand!) – and cut them into cubes.  Alternate rows with different cheeses and grapes, creating a Christmas tree shape. Garnish the rows with thyme sprigs to give it a more authentic tree look, use a celery stick for a tree trunk, and voila! Find more detailed instructions here.

5. Wrap Sandwich Tree

Simple to make and eat, small sandwich wraps are a healthy hit. To make your average wrap look a little merrier, use spinach-flour tortillas as a base. The rest is up to you! You can use a variety of deli meats and vegetables to dress up your wraps. Cranberry sauce with smoked turkey is a holiday favorite (see directions here!), though you can also use red peppers or tomato slices to dress up your mini sandwiches.

Now go successfully impress all of your friends and relatives with these hearty holiday appetizers (just make sure they all look at the display before eating them)!