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Hidden Gem: Dobra Tea in Northampton, MA

Looking for a new place to venture with your roomies on a Sunday afternoon? Look no further than Dobra Tea in Northampton, MA. This quaint tea room is tucked away on Northampton’s Main Street, and is sure to become your new favorite go-to hang out spot. The calming atmosphere makes Dobra Tea the perfect place to relax with some friends on a quiet afternoon. 

At Dobra Tea, you can choose from a variety of loose leaf teas and delicious bites to eat (if you are a hummus lover, you will not be disappointed!). The menu provides a description of every single tea available, including where the tea is from and what each tea tastes like. The staff is very friendly and will inform you how long your tea should be steeped for the best flavor.

If you are looking to take a little piece of Dobra home with you, you can purchase handmade teaware and your favorite loose leaf tea to accompany it. For more information, visit their website: Dobra Tea. Enjoy, ladies!


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