Here's Why You Should Support Student Businesses

It's no surprise that UMass Amherst has the best food in the nation. But did you know that along with UMass dining, there are seven student businesses on campus that are pretty amazing? Campus Design and Copy suits all of your printing and designing needs. People's Market features local snacks and strives to inform students on social issues. Sweets & More in Field Hall sells sweets of all kinds and delicious milkshakes. Here are some reasons why you should pay them a visit ASAP.

1. Student businesses have amazing food.

UMass Amherst is known for their No. 1 dining, but there's no doubt that the food produced by our own peers is one of a kind! Not to mention, most of the food is local and organically sourced.

2. The students who work there are extremely friendly.

Every time I go to one of the cafes, I'm always greeted by the sweetest employees. The students are dedicated to their work and make sure they get your order just perfect. 

3. You're giving directly to a good cause.

For example, People's Market in the Student Union is not-for-profit. They even donate half of the tips they make each semester to missions they support. Also, they are one of the oldest businesses on campus! You can feel good about what you're buying while you're enjoying your food. 

4. You can use your dining dollars.

For the times you can't make it to Blue Wall or you're too lazy to make the trip to a dining hall, you can get fresh and good quality food right near you. The best part about it is that you can spend your spare dining dollars to add some variety to your meals.

5. You can get (pretty much) anything done.

Campus Design and Copy in the Student Union is incredibly useful because you can get your passport photo taken, a headshot, purchase upcycled notebooks, print flyers for your registered student organization (RSO), and anything in between. You don't even need to go off campus to have your bike repaired — just run over to the Student Union and visit the Bike Co-op. They'll fix it in a pinch

Next time you're on campus and don't feel like running to a dining common or can't get somewhere off campus, consider supporting your local student-run businesses at UMass. You won't regret it.

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