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Here’s What Folklore Song You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

*Disclaimer: These are the author’s interpretations of the Zodiac personalities and “folklore” album—not official explanations*

Sagittarius – “the last great american dynasty” 

Sag’s are known as the sign that likes to travel. While being flirtatious, they are also believers in true love. These reasons lead me to believe that “TLGAD” is the song that embodies the Sagittarius spirit. It tells the tale of a young lady who moves to Rhode Island to be with the love of her life. If that doesn’t scream Sag then I don’t know what does. Sagittarius’ are spontaneous, especially when it comes to travel, so the fact that she moved to another state just for a guy doesn’t surprise me. Not to mention, Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius herself and towards the end of the song, she reveals that she is exactly just like Rebekah. She moved away from home and bought the very same house that Rebekah lived in and held the same wild reputation that she did decades ago in that very town.

Aquarius + Capricorn – “the 1” 

Aquarians are nostalgic but in a less dreamy way than a Sag or a Pisces might be. They often overthink and isolate themselves, but not in a mysterious way like a Scorpio does. In this song, the speaker reminisces about a past lover and wonders, if things had worked out differently, would they still be together? There’s a lot of conditional thinking in this track with lyrics like, “I thought”, “I guess you never know, never know”, and “It would’ve been you.” These lyrics encapsulate how Aquarians spend too much time in their head. It’s very analytical—not necessarily in an academic or self-deprecating manner, just honestly curious about things. On the other hand, Capricorns are literally the one that Aquarius’ may be talking about. Capricorns are known to be reserved with their emotions. They’re professional and goal-oriented so while of course, they have emotions, those feelings take a back seat to their drive and passions. The speaker, (Aquarius in this case), explains that their former lover is “doing cool sh*t“ on their own,” appearing to not be bothered by the breakup. The speaker also addresses how Capricorns never wear their hearts on their sleeves in the lyric, “And if you wanted me, you really should’ve showed.” But how would Capricorns know to reveal their feelings if Aquarius is always in their head all the time? 

Pisces – “lakes” 

This bonus track is the anthem for people who say, “I’m not like other girls, I’m quirky”—but in a totally good way! Taylor writes about how she feels as if she doesn’t belong and daydreams about a more fitting reality in which she is immersed in nature with her muse. The lyric, “Take me to the lakes, where all the poets went to die/I don’t belong, and my beloved, neither do you,” seems to be a reference to the pilgrimage into nature that old soul writers, like Henry David Thoreau, often took to meditate and improve their work. The aesthetic of this track is mystical, romantic, and imaginative, so Pisces fits this song perfectly. 

Aries – “mad woman” 

Aries may get a bad rap for being the feisty sign but that’s what makes them an Aries! You’ll never not know what they’re feeling—at least they’re transparent! So many aspects of this track should be in an Aries manifesto. For one, this is one of the few precious songs where the former American sweetheart actually uses profanity in her lyrics, namely the f-bomb. Critics have even compared this song to “Look What You Made Me Do,” Taylor’s first single off her first surprise album, “Reputation, which is known as her boldest era. However, even though this song acknowledges anger in its title, the speaker simultaneously admits that they are always being labeled as the crazy, angry person and how they hate that. Good for Aries, standing up for themselves and yet still owning up!

Taurus – “seven” 

Taurus’ loves routine and stability, which would make them super nostalgic for their childhood when everything was pretty much certain because they were young and naive and didn’t have to worry about anything. The speaker in “seven” is very nostalgic for their childhood, the places they used to frequent, the people they once knew, and the secrets they used to share with them. Taurus’ signs are also nostalgic for foods and flavors when they go down memory lane, so the lyric, “Sweet tea in the summer,” really fits. 

Gemini – “mirrorball” 

Geminis are known as the twin sign and often get accused of code-switching and having multiple personalities. The speaker in “mirrorball” also describes themselves as ever-changing, each part of them being totally different from the other with the line, “I can change everything about me to fit in.” Some may see this trait as being shallow, but being adaptable is definitely a pro. Not only does this mean that they’re ready to take on any situation, but they can also be anyone’s friend!

Cancer + Libra – “peace” 

Cancers are known as the mom friend of the group. They may get a bad rap for being emotional, but that just means they care. In this track, Taylor is telling her partner that she really cares about them, their mental health, and their privacy and that her life is pretty crazy and is the total opposite of peace—which is what she wants her partner to experience. The speaker is so thoughtful that they would even brief the person they’re into by explaining that they want the best for them but may not always be able to deliver that, which is what I think Cancers are like. They are people pleasers – whether that means they’re scared to disappoint or that they just want to make sure that the people they care about are taken care of. Fun fact: Taylor is a Cancer Moon! It is possible that the speaker in “peace” could be talking to a Libra. Libras need balance in their life—they crave it. In a way, they’re kind of the mom friend of the group too. They hate drama and would do anything if it meant that world peace could exist. So in this track, because Cancer cares so much about Libra, they would try really hard to make sure that Libras life is as drama-free as possible.

Leo – “cardigan” 

The planet that rules Leo is the sun. It is quite literally the star and the center of the solar system, which is why “cardigan” emulates Leo energy. It is the first single off the surprise album and consequently, the only one with a music video. Additionally, while Leos are notorious for their unwavering confidence, they can actually be quite insecure. This can be seen in the lyric, “And when I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone’s bed you put me on and said I was your favorite.” Here, it is clear to see the insecurity of not feeling appreciated, which is what this whole track is all about. It’s about not feeling up to par until someone decides to love you, and Leos adore attention. 

Virgo – “invisible string” 

Virgos are known as the logical sign. They are the ones that’ll make a to-do list detailing every second of the day. That’s why if they were the speaker in “invisible string,” it would make sense for them to say, “isn’t it just so pretty to think” that even when she didn’t know her lover existed yet, they somehow were connected. The main character goes on to address how time, a logical concept is, “pretty”, “curious”, “mystical”, and “wondrous” which, for a Virgo, are all very dreamy ways to look at a rational thing like time. I see this as the Virgo being surprised, astonished, or even confused that the concept of time could be experienced in such a dreamy manner, whereas some other more whimsical signs, like Pisces or Sagittarius, would see it as normal.

Scorpio – “this is me trying” 

Scorpios are known to be very closed off and private people, or just mysterious in general. Not to say that they have trust issues, but they definitely put a lot of thought into who they open up to. And when they’re in love, they’ll do anything for their partner. The ninth track of Taylor’s eighth album is about a person returning to their lover, proving to them that they’re ready to open up this time. Scorpios do spend a lot of time in their heads, as can be represented by the lyric, “They told me all of my cages were mental,” suggesting that what’s holding them back is overthinking. Fun fact: Taylor is a Scorpio rising!

No matter what sign you are, you could curl up, get cozy, and listen to any of these tracks this fall. Thank God, Taylor released a surprise album—she saved the rest of 2020!

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