Here's How the Her Campus Survival Kit Helped Me Kick off Homecoming Weekend

Her Campus sponsors hooked it up for the Her Campus fall survival kits! Little did they know that this was the secret to my successful UMass Homecoming, and I want to share them with you! While you may not be a having a HOCO weekend, these products can be used any day of the week! These items are a necessity on your next shopping trip online or in the Hampshire County.

1. Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo & Bed Head Mini Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray

This Dry Shampoo and Hard Hold Hairspray is key when it comes to perfecting your ~effortless~ look for game day or any day. Everyone knows that second day hair always needs a little extra pick me up, and with just a little Bed Head Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo dispersed evenly, no one will know or believe your dirty little secret that your hair isn’t just freshly showered. 

Along with the dry shampoo, this hairspray was a game changer. Before I tested it out, I never had a specific or trustworthy hairspray that was my go-to. After curling my hair with the Bed Head Mini Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray (say that 10 times fast) for the homecoming tailgate, I can confirm I am a “firm” believer (wink wink). My hair actually held the curls all the way into the fourth quarter and BEYOND! This duo is the perfect pair for any hair type and wanting your style to be locked in tight to get the perfect tailgating Instagram!

2. Spindrift Lemon Sparkling Water (and you can get a free Spindrift product!)

When I saw that Spindrift was in the survival kit, my heart skipped a beat. This is already my favorite brand! They're unsweetened, all real fruit, 6 percent juice — HEAVEN IN A CAN! Spindrift packs the flavor and it’s perfect for when you want to skip the soda and opt for a healthier option. My favorite flavor is the Raspberry Lime, but the Lemon was also simply refreshing. And just when you don’t think it could get any better, boom! Spindrift is offering a free Spindrift product with your next purchase. Whether you’re celebrating UMass football or just relaxing at home, Spindrift is everything you want and need in a seltzer.

3. Aeropostale $10 off $40 coupon

Aeropostale has rebranded and caught the eye of us collegiettes. Their deals are insane and so are their going out tops! It may not be your first choice, but Aeropostale is a strong contender when you're looking for your next party piece. They have the essentials and also the deals to get you in the door ... and out with a filled bag! I wore my new shirt homecoming night, but I'm not going to stop there — and neither should you. Stop into Aeropostale on your next trip to the Hampshire Mall, because I guarantee you’ll walk out with something adorable without a giant dent in your wallet!

4. Hi-Chews (you can get a free Hi-Chew product!)

This is the candy you need, but you didn't know you needed! Hi-Chew candies ... dare I say ... are better than Starbursts! The amazing fruit flavor and chewy candy left me just wanting more. I tried mango and strawberry and both were equally amazing. I popped open my Hi-Chews during HOCO and was completely in love with the flavors. Skip the Starbursts, choose Hi-Chew!

5. Steripod Toothbrush Protector

Living in a dorm room can be tricky when you are trying to keep your things sanitized, organized and clean. The Steripod Toothbrush protector allows you to be at ease when it comes to your toothbrush. It’s clean, safe and effective. Before owning this product courtesy of the survival kit, I fell victim to my toothbrush falling on the ground on the way to the bathroom — but never again! Keeping your toothbrush clean will keep you happy, healthy and able to celebrate any occasion!

6. Erin Condren Back to School Life Planner & Coupon

As a collegiette that loves to be organized, this planner was made for me! The planner’s simple overall weekly design allows you to create your schedule neatly. The drawings and colors on the borders are stylish, but not over the top. It also features a hardcover binding so your pages stay secure no matter where you are. Checking off my past events, like HOCO and midterms, was something I was completely satisfied with and you can do the same. The bonus coupon may persuade me to get another product from Erin Condren soon, too!

7. Freeman Facemasks

A lovely end to a tiring yet fun, eventful weekend like homecoming should conclude with a facemask! Give your skin a little TLC with any of the facemasks that me and my friends tried. The packaging to the "deep cleansing, rejuvenating, and polishing" facemasks are a little tricky to open, but each do something different for the skin and ultimately work wonders!  

8. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelette

For a collegiette living in Amherst in October, the chances she will still have her summer glow are close to none. But this self-tanning towelette will let you get that summer glow back. Its easy directions and application make your skin tan with little to no time commitment. The medium shade is too dark for me, but perfect for my friend, Kara. Her skin looked like she just hit the beach, but really she was tailgating at the homecoming rally!

Images courtesy of Hannah Cosgrove, the author's awesome roommate!