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The most complimented perfumes that could become your signature scent

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

One of the best compliments to receive is someone telling you that you smell good! I always love changing up my perfume or scents depending on the season or time, as it helps me connect memories to smells to look back on. However, I have also experienced the massive headache you can get in Ulta or Sephora trying to smell every single perfume or deciphering what a base and top note are. Here are some tried and true examples of every scent profile broken down for anyone trying to find their perfect signature scent!

Glossier You

No perfume list would be complete without Glossier You — so many of my friends and I love the way it smells different on every person! It smells a little woodsy, cozy, floral-y, and clean, and kind of melts into your natural scent. It’s a little pricey (like a lot of the perfumes on this list), but if you try a sample and love it, Glossier You can quickly become your go-to scent.

Replica scents

You may have already seen the Pinterest-famous Maison Margiela line of perfumes, Replica, that seeks to capture certain moments. However, these moments smell different to everyone and I found that trying samples of all of them helped me discover new scents. My favorite unexpected scent was “Coffee Break,” as I’m usually not a sweet or musky scent person, but it genuinely just smells like the mysterious girl reading in the coffee shop without being overpowering at all. Replica also has nice clean scents, such as “Under the Lemon Tree,” “Beach Walk,” or “Lazy Sunday Morning.” My only complaint is that I’ve noticed the scent fading faster than other perfumes I’ve tried, but they melt really beautifully into your skin and make you smell good without trying.

Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro is famous for its Bum Bum Cream (before you giggle, it’s pronounced like boom-boom), and its sweet-smelling fragrances have the same yummy tropical scents. Their perfumes are perfect for people who love smelling sweet and feature slight variations such as more vanilla or more fruity. One of my friends has been stopped at parties just to ask what perfume she was wearing!


Ouai is a haircare brand with sleek packaging and scents that are just as polished. Their hair products use the same smells as their perfumes, and my personal favorite is “Melrose Place.” The best way I can describe Ouai scents is that you just smell polished. It reminds me of those influencers with sleek buns, Alo yoga sets, Skims dresses, and gold hoops — I’ve joked that it’s like smelling rich (or a fancy hotel lobby but like, in a good way)!

Honey I washed the kids

Whenever I think of Lush, the first thing that comes to mind is my middle school mall days buying their face masks and giggling at the bath bomb demonstrations. However, a scent that stuck with me that I recently couldn’t stop thinking about was “Honey I Washed the Kids.” Lush has natural and usually earthier smells that I don’t gravitate towards, but “Honey I Washed the Kids” smells like an edible ambrosia snack from a greek god. It is so easy to layer with other scents, and I’ve loved both the soap form and the body spray. It’s a great first sweet smell that you can try, because who doesn’t want to smell like a warm butterscotch hug?

There are so many possible scents to choose from that it can be overwhelming, but that also means that there are so many unexpected perfumes that you might love. Given how expensive most perfume is, picking your go-to smell can definitely be an investment. However, I hope this list gave a few ideas to try on your way to picking your confidence-boosting signature scent!

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Katherine Dickey

U Mass Amherst '24

Katherine Dickey is currently an environmental conservation major at UMass and is interested in education, film, and sustainability. Outside of school, Katherine loves playing piano, making vegetarian food, and spending time outside at the beach. She is super excited to be a member of CHAARG, PITCH, and Her Campus at UMass!