Her Campus Summer Survial Kit

The semester is almost over and summer is shortly upon us. Her Campus has provided us with the opportunity to put our best flip-flop forward this summer. Her Campus hooked it up with some essentials to get yourself to be your best self and live it up!


This Extra Refreshers Spearmint Gum is something you are going to have to grab on your next summer road trip or just a day at the beach. I love these because they are a gum, but the first chew almost feels like a crunch on the outside, the burst of freshness jumps out right at this bite!


Krazy Glue is something you didn't know you needed until you had it, especially for a college girl. Think of how many times your shoes, something in your dorm room, or even your car could be fixed with a little help from Krazy Glue.


Skintimate Raspberry Rain Shaving Cream is the best way to dive in with clean, smooth legs for the summer. The most important part about shaving is getting your closet shave, but more importantly the way your skin feels after you shave. Nothing says summer like climbing into bed on a hot night after a refreshing evening shower. Skintimate gives you that precision and moisturized sensation that you’ve been looking for in shaving cream!


Trying to keep up with your trendy, hipster, astrologically genius friends? Yes? Me too! When "mercury is in retrograde" that means that it is moving in the opposite way that the Earth is moving, an unalignment that affects your mood poorly. So the clever saying on the side is perfect for a day of drinking a cold drink wherever you would like, and a little humorous. 

The VERB Ghost Shampoo and Conditioner was and is literally weightless. I used both the shampoo and conditioner and my hair air dried smoother and softer than usual. In the shower, this shampoo created a lot of soap and felt like I really did get an overall clean feel the second I washed it out. The smells remind of a Dove Soap bar: refreshing. The conditioner worked well with my after shower hair products and left me feeling fresh and clean. 

In addition to the shaving cream, these are my personal favorite throwaway razors by Skintamate that give you that tight shave but with an added gentle exfoliant. The sugar inside allows the legs to have more precision than your regular razor. Perfect for the last minute before the beach or just your everyday use. It keeps you feeling smooth and summer ready with these razors, I love the packaging!


This 10 pack of Anti-Fresh Panty Liners from Carefree is a great size to keep around in your backpack at school, traveling, or just in your car. The odor control is for an added all day freshness that leaves you with that light scent to keep you through the day.


Cica (a.k.a. Centella Asiatica Extract) and Bija fruit essence work in tandem to help improve the skin’s protective barrier, tone, and texture. This is a great cleanser to put on in the morning or before bed to keep your skin as clear as possible. The all-natural gel will get you clearer skin in a week. See for yourself on their website!

Thanks, Her Campus for making it easier for me to decide on what products I will use to get me feeling fine this summer of 2019!

Images provided by the author.