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Hello Gorgeous: Spring Forward

Although it might seem difficult to believe with the recent weather development, spring is almost here and with it comes a new slew of fresh trends. So, despite the snow on the ground it’s time to begin preparations for a new season and perhaps a new look! 

It’s time for a new cut and if you’re brave a new shade. The look this spring is statement hair. I’m sure you’ve seen the zany colors across campus already and perhaps you think it’s not something you can pull off. Well now is the best time to experiment! You’re in college!
If you’re wary of drastic change try a peach tone, or a pale lavender 1 in. thick strip of hair rather than dying your whole head.  

Blunt bangs and bobs are also creeping back on the spring scene. Think Rose Byrne on the red carpet rocking a younger Anna Wintour cut. Bobs are so chic, and bangs manage to make you look fashion forward at all times. 

Big beautiful Bambi eyes have been spotted across spring shows. Think va-va-voom lashes and thick strokes of cat-eye liner. If you need a reference point, look to fashion and beauty icons Brigitte Bardot and
Twiggy for the steamy eye look. Invest in some falsies and give it a shot! 
As far as shadows you’ll want to go for cool colors like deep blues and sparkling silvers, but fire hot reds are all the rage right now. I’ve been seeing everything from fire-engine red to deep burgundies, but I would suggest avoiding pairing the to together as blue shadow and red lips can come off a bit... Hollywood Boulevard.  
The makeup trends are bold this season, and your brows are no exception. Dramatic is key! Not Groucho Marx dramatic, but more Audrey Hepburne-esque strong brows are a flawless spring addition. 
Minimalist is the name of the game this spring when it comes to nail color so don’t be afraid to brush on any shade from sophisticated white to rosy beiges.
On the other side of the spectrum, fantastical nail designs were popping as well, ranging from rhinestones to elaborate brushwork.
Pinterest is a FANTASTIC place to find interesting nail ideas, so if you don’t have an account already make one! 
There you have it; you are now prepped to start spring with the knowledge you’ll need to be ahead of the game.  

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