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Hello, Gorgeous! Spring Break Beauty

At last! Your spring semester is half way over and your hard work will soon be rewarded with a well-deserved break. On your travels you’re likely to encounter some vacation conundrums that every collegiette must learn to handle! Here are some tips that may seem bizarre, but might just save you from a destination disaster.


Whether your vacation includes sun or snow it’s not out of the question that you will be receiving the dreaded sunburn. The pain of a burn can be unbearable and effectively ruin your trip.
For the Pain

There is a mystical remedy for sunburn pain that may shock you, but it absolutely works. Take a clean cloth and soak it in a half vinegar half water solution.
 Wring the solution out of the towel and use it as a compress on the burnt area.  It might smell a bit, but it’s nothing a cool shower can’t cure. You wont believe the relief!
For the Redness
 How do you feel about mustard? Love it or hate it, if you have a burn, a little bit of French’s will be your new BFF. Take a little mustard into the shower with you and rub it over the burned areas. Again, you will smell like mustard
until you rinse off. However, after your shower, I promise you won’t smell like a Fenway Frank. Once you’re finished you will notice a significant difference in the redness.

Sandy Solutions
So, you know when you’re on the beach and sand gets in all the wrong places? Well, there’s a way to prevent that. If you’re covered in grains and aren’t feeling so Sports Illustrated, take a little bit of baby powder and dust it over your body. The sand will fall away faster than you can say beach bunny!
You may be someone who is afraid of the sun and its harmful effects, and instead use topical self-tanners. First off, way to practice safe sun! Unfortunately this decision can often result in some orange streaking and splotchiness. If you happen to be plagued with oompa loomp-itis, don’t panic, help is in your kitchen cabinet. You can make a simple solution of lemon juice, vinegar, and salt. Stir the solution and use it as a body scrub. The mix will gently exfoliate your skin and even out your tan.
Sea Salt Strands
Master the beach hair! If you haven’t heard already beach hair is easy and effortlessly sexy. If you’re texture just wont cooperate, you can save dollars on expensive sprays and make one of your own!
Take 1 part sea salt to 2 parts water and mix them in a spray bottle. Spritz this on your damp strands and HELLO surfer babe!
And of course… Practice Safe Sunbathing!
The worst thing you can do for your skin is to skip sunscreen. Although this isn’t a home remedy it can save you from a world of hurt and negative future consequences. Invest in a sunscreen that will effectively save your skin!
All right! Now you have the cheap and simple means of turning a spring break blunder into something savvy and sexy. Have a blast on your breaks collegietes, and don’t forget you’re gorgeous!

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