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Have Mercy: Fuller House is Here

Raise your hand if you were reduced to tears when you first watched the Fuller House trailer.

Am I glad Netflix did a reboot of the beloved series? You bet. Did I watch the entire season in just two days? Of course. Did I love it? I’m undecided.

The series has received mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike, and I have similar uncertain feelings. The excessive cheesiness that defined the original series is both endearing and cringe-inducing in the reboot. As my roommate and I binge-watched the series within the first week of its release, we weren’t sure whether to laugh or groan. It’s kind of like when you watch that childhood movie you used to be obsessed with, but now that you’re an adult it feels weird. At certain times we soaked it up, but at other times we couldn’t help but roll our eyes. At the end of the season, we came to a pretty solid conclusion: the reboot meets expectations. 

Let’s start off with the bad, just to get it over with.

What I don’t like about it: The reboot tries hard– sometimes too hard– to be relevant. The mention of selfies, Uber rides, and the term “fleek” feels very forced. Also, in an ironic turn of events, most of the child actors of Fuller House are just plain terrible, and the adult actors were better when they were kids. At times it resembles one of those current Disney Channel shows you watch by default when you’re babysitting. Additionally, DJ’s “first love,” Steve, who was once a heartthrob, transforms into a desperate creepy stalker with a receding hairline. I just can’t buy into his character. Lastly, Danny, Joey and Uncle Jesse barely make appearances in the series. How rude.

Enough of that, now on to the good.

What I like about it: The series is still the wholesome sitcom that we know and love, with moments of raunchy undertones that keep it interesting now that most viewers are older. We get to see DJ, Steph, and Kimmy all grown up, and somehow they look exactly the same. Can they tell me their secret? Plus, the overwhelming sense of nostalgia I feel when I see the gang back in their old house is really comforting. They’ve grown up, and so have we; regardless, they still hold their unique character quirks and mannerisms. And despite the cheesiness, I couldn’t resist hitting “next episode” every time. There’s just something about it.

Overall, Fuller House is a commendable attempt to bring back a popular sitcom that many of us grew up watching. Weighing the good with the bad, I say it’s worth the watch. And if you like the series, you’re in luck! It has been renewed for a second season.  

Rating: 3/5 “You got it dude” thumbs up.


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