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Halloween Recap: The Best & Most Original Costumes!

Halloween 2020 was definitely a weird one, given COVID-19 restricted a lot of what we could do. Although we may not have been able to celebrate in all of the same ways, the costumes were more original than ever! Below are some costumes I saw that were fan favorites.

Costume 1: Lil Huddy & Charli D’Amelio!
Friends being Lil Huddy and Charli for Halloween
Original photo by Victoria Tustin

This costume was a total hit. I mean, way to keep up with the current trends, right? These two Tik Tok stars rose to fame in 2020 and have been so popular since. Their off and on relationship keeps fans on their toes, so this costume worked perfectly!

Costume 2: Hannah Montana Group Costume!
Friends re-enacting Hannah Montana Cast for Halloween.
Original photo by Victoria Tustin

The accuracy in this one is… insane. We have Hannah, Miley (not pictured), Billy Ray, Lola, Jackson & Rico! From Billy’s side burns to the surf shop shirts… it is all just too perfect. 

Costume 3: Borat!
Three girls dressed up as Borat for Halloween
Original photo by Victoria Tustin

When I saw this costume in person, my jaw… hit the floor. SO original and SO hilarious! Not only did they look the part, they acted it… accent and all, it was perfect.

Costume 4: Dad’s!
Friends dressed up as their dad's.
Original photo by Olivia Mazzeo

This group of hilarious girls dressed as their DAD’S on Halloween. It was literally so hysterical and if you knew them, you would know how accurate it is to their actual father’s… definitely an easy and comfortable costume for the night!

Costume 5: Britney Spears Costume!
Friends re-enacting Britney Spears jean outfit for Halloween.
Original photo by Victoria Tustin

My two friends really hit the nail on the head with this amazing costume recreating Britney Spears and JT’s epic red carpet look. Like really, could it have been any better?!

Hopefully now there is some more inspo for next years Halloween!!

Victoria Tustin

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