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Grey’s Anatomy Returns! The Rundown of The Season Premiere

Calling all Grey’s fans! Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy has finally arrived. As a long time fan of the show, I was beyond excited to dive right back into my favorite show and escape from my online classes. Quick SPOLIER ALERT: I will be recapping all that happened in the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and giving my thoughts. If you’re not caught up, stop reading!! All right, let’s get into it. 

The Role of COVID-19

The season begins in April 2020. You know, when COVID-19 took hold of the United States and ravaged hospitals. Grey-Sloan Memorial has now been turned into a COVID-19 patient hospital and is closed to trauma calls, a huge change of pace for them. The masks, the temperature checks, and the claps for the healthcare heroes are a somewhat startling image to see in a TV show as it has been our new normal for quite a while. It is a harrowing viewing experience to see what hospitals were like during peak hospitalizations in the spring and what the scene is quickly becoming again with rising COVID hospitalizations. With the country having experienced so much turmoil and harm from the pandemic, it is somewhat nice to see our real life on our TV screens in the form of entertainment rather than in the news. 

Update on Richard

With the season beginning in April, we have flashed forward to after Richard has recovered from his cobalt poisoning last season. Last season, Richard’s life was on the line and he was on the outs with his wife Catherine Fox. Now in April 2020, Richard is recovered. He enters the season returning to his job at Grey-Sloan, getting used to the new COVID protocols. Richard initially struggles with the new protocols, worrying about reusing masks and the health of all the staff. He comes up with an inventive solution to sanitizing the used masks. Finally, Richard and Catherine come back together, with her demoting Tom Koracick and giving Richard the “chief of chiefs” position at Grey-Sloan. It will be interesting to see how Richard takes on this new role and to see if he is ready to give up his long-time work as training the interns. 


Ok, so THIS is what we have all been waiting for. PATRICK FREAKING DEMPSEY made a reappearance. After Meredith was found collapsed in the parking lot of the hospital, we are taken to her in what seems to be a dreamscape by the beach. On this beautiful deserted beach, Meredith starts walking and sees a figure in the distance. Who is this handsome man with salt and pepper hair waving his arms? Umm… none other than THE Derek Shepard. Mr. McDreamy. Now, I’m sure most of you remember (it’s hard to forget) Derek’s death in season 11. It was tragic. I may have cried for a few hours or so. It’s been almost six whole seasons since Patrick Dempsey left the show. The Mer and Derek reunion was something that I did not know I needed. Hearing him yell “Meredith” and flash his million-dollar smile warmed my heart and brightened my entire week.

All this was just from the premiere of season 17. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Does Meredith have COVID-19? Why is she seeing Derek? Will we see more cast who have left the show in future episodes? Lexie? Mark? Cristina? See you next Thursday!

Karishma Mistry

U Mass Amherst '23

Karishma is a senior editor and a junior honors student at UMass Amherst, majoring in public health and economics. Some of her passions include advocating for female health, watching Netflix, and anything involving food. As a dual citizen of the US and UK, she loves to travel. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @karishmamiistry or her foodstagram @munchinwk.
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