Going Lactose Free: Best Non-Dairy Alternatives

Because of these “trying times”, everyone has been reevaluating their exercise habits, work habits, and eating habits in new ways. Historically, I have been a very eat-everything kind of gal, frequently getting ice cream multiple times a week and rewarding myself with Chipotle for mundane things like doing laundry. Since being in this pandemic, though, I’ve been struggling with my skin and my overall health. Everyone I talk to seems to have long-standing nausea and new health concerns being so sedentary this winter. My sister has been dairy-free for a couple of years, and whenever she breaks it, her skin breaks out. I decided to try it and see the effect on my body and skin, and it was great! In my journey of becoming dairy-free, I’ve discovered my favorite alternatives. 

  1. 1. Kite Hill 

    I love all sorts of Kite Hill products, with my favorite being their pasta: tortellini, ravioli, etc. with cheese alternative fillings. I would die if I had to give up tortellini, but Kite Hill is there for me. With a little marinara sauce on top, it is divine. I’ve recently tried their yogurt products and enjoyed them! They have mixed reviews for being a firmer texture, but I’d prefer that over a watery, coconut milk-based yogurt. Theirs is made with almond milk, so it does maintain a little nutty flavor, but I think it’s still good.

  2. 2. Trader Joe's Brand 

    I’ve recently tried their coconut milk yogurt, which was a pleasant surprise! I’ve only recently made space in my heart for a coconut-milk based yogurt, but trying the Trader Joe’s brand has been eye-opening. While it is a little more watery than the Kite Hill almond milk yogurts, the flavor is very amenable. I like to put KIND honey oat granola on top with some strawberries!

  3. 3. Oui by Yoplait 

    A long-time favorite of mine has been the brand Oui by Yoplait. First off, I love the little glass containers they come in. While they do advertise not to reuse the containers for other food, I love using them for spice containers when I’m cooking, Buzzfeed-style. It is another coconut milk-based yogurt, so it is watery and coconut flavored, but adding a little toasted granola on top makes it delish!

Overall, I’m happy I’ve made the switch to dairy-free, but I do recognize it’s not for everyone! But if you are thinking about trying it, there are many options, perfect for dipping a toe into the dairy-free world.