Glossier 101: The Best of the Brand

Welcome students! Today the topic is Glossier, the latest and greatest skincare brand that I am obsessed with. Born from an online beauty form called Into the Gloss in 2014, the company boasts products designed with consumer’s real routines and wants in mind. Their collections are extensive, and their website and overall aesthetics are a dream. Here’s to hoping I can make it through this article without buying anything else. Let’s see if I can do it. 

I’ll preface this article by saying I am in no way shape or form a skincare expert. Not even close. I’m just a busy woman with little time for skincare, an obsession with cute packaging, and a life that really tests my skin. This year, I worked on a nursing floor wearing N95 respirators and face shields all day, every day. Needless to say “maskne” was to the max. During all this, I decided to splurge a little, treat myself and put Glossier to the test. Here’s what I found. 

  1. 1. Best for Tired Skin.

    Hand with cream

    The “Priming Moisturizer Rich” was (and still is) my go-to after a long day. This scrumptious little thing is the best feeling for freshly washed skin before bed. The consistency is rich and thick, but it absorbs nicely. Unfortunately, this is a pricy one at $35 a pop. With that being said, if you have the funds and are looking for a treat, look NO FURTHER. A little goes a long way. 

  2. 2. Best No-Makeup Look.

    "Futuredew" is your go-to for a flawless look at the start of the day. Adding this bad boy to your face as a final step will leave you with a dewy, long-lasting shine. Granted, I don’t have much use for it considering most of my face is usually covered by my mask but it’s definitely a keeper come safer times. 

  3. 3. For a Quick Pick-Me-Up. 

    I’m sure you’ve heard people singing praises before. “Balm Dotcom” is THE BEST. An everyday must, “Balm Dotcom” comes in nine (yes, nine) different flavors. Tint, shimmer, sparkle - the choices are endless. At $12 each, these are affordable enough that you can have a few and stick ‘em anywhere you’d like. *Cue car lip balm, purse lip balm, bedroom lip balm*.

  4. 4. To Round Out Your Cart. 

    We can’t have only skincare. “Boy Brow” is the perfect addition to your cart. At $16, this relatively affordable gem works magic on your brows. Simple enough for even me, a well-placed swipe or two will carry you forever. True story: Every time I wear this around my mom she goes wide-eyed and says, “You have eyebrows!” 

  5. 5. Best Deal. 

    Want to try them all? I know I do. Try “The Skincare Edit” for six essentials (plus a super cute, branded headband) at $50. Bought separately, this racks up to over $100, which I know I can’t afford. Plus, it’s perfect for a gift for your soul sister, cool aunt, or amazing mamma. 

  6. 6. The Be-All, End-All

    “The Zit Stick.” This is a miracle worker. Period. Use sparingly, it dries your skin like crazy but kisses those pesky pimples goodbye. 

My bank account sure knows I’ve tried a lot of Glossier products. My biggest piece of advice? Don’t buy anything you won’t use. I’ve learned the hard way. It’s hard to say no to such perfectly produced products, but at such high prices, it’s simply not worth the money if you won’t use it! Now, go treat yourself!

glossier makeup Charisse Kenion