Glossi-yay or Glossi-ehhh? My Review of 4 Products by the Insta-Worthy Makeup Brand

If you’re remotely active on social media, you’ve probably already seen the Glossier brand pop up on your feed once or twice. Founded in 2010, Glossier has quickly attained a cult-like following via a strong social media presence and savvy marketing skills. With the motto, “Skin First, Makeup Second”, the Glossier team strives to enhance the natural beauty of their customers—rather than cover up their flaws—with lightweight and easy-to-use products.

As a girl with 1) very little makeup knowledge and 2) more than her fair share of imperfections, I found Glossier’s outlook extremely appealing when I stumbled across their Instagram almost a year ago. Now that I'm four products deep into a brand that some might assume is just another over-hyped Instagram fad, I figured I should share my experience by giving my honest, unbiased opinions on the products I tried. So if you’re planning on jumping on the Glossier bandwagon but don’t know where to start, keep on reading.

1. Boy Brow

Boy Brow was one of the first products I ordered, and honestly I could not have picked a better one to kick off my Glossier experience. I’ve never been too concerned with the appearance of my eyebrows since you can barely see them (#blondehairproblems). That being said, I wanted to see what it was like to actually have visible eyebrows for the first time in my life. I know there are plenty of gels and powders out there to fix my situation, but I was too intimidated and overwhelmed to know where to start.

After reading reviews and viewing Boy Brow online, I figured it would be easy enough to try before resorting to other products—and I was right! The tiny mascara wand applicator is so easy to use, and the color (I ordered in blonde) made my brows look naturally full. As Teen Vogue declared in 2015, this item is truly a Game Changer.

Price: $16

Would I Buy Again? Already did!


2. Generation G

Generation G is a matte lipstick that is buildable and easy to use. It comes in six shades, ranging from peachy nudes to vibrant magentas. I ordered the shade 'Zip', which is now my go-to red lipstick for when I’m feeling ~scandalous~. But the real question at hand is whether it was worth $18...a whole $2 more than my beloved Boy Brow. Yes, I am happy with the quality and would love to try to other shades, but it does not seem any more special than a lipstick that I could buy at CVS or Target for a cheaper price. Generation G is a cute lip product if you want to #treatyoself, but Burt’s Bees tinted lip shimmer will always be my ride-or-die.

Price: $18

Would I Buy Again? Maybe to try another color, but I can definitely live without it.


3. Solution

Solution is one of Glossier's most sought-after products: it’s constantly out of stock due to popular demand. The exfoliating skin perfecter claims to transform skin in just four weeks by clearing up pores, acne, scarring, or any other imperfections you can think of. Sounds like an absolute dream, right? That’s what I thought when I ordered the solution out of sheer desperation (my skin was at a low point and my patience was diminishing). I needed something as fast-acting as this solution claimed to be.

While I wanted to love this product, I was one of the unlucky few whose skin could not be tamed by this so-called miracle solution. My sensitive AF skin reacted terribly at firs,t and those initial breakouts took weeks to go away. Although I did notice some positive changes in the texture of my skin after several weeks, I didn't see any improvement with my acne or scarring, which was extremely frustrating. Keep in mind, however, that the solution has hundreds of raving reviews, and just because this product did not work for me does not mean that you should rule it out; everyone’s skin is different.

Price: $24

Would I Buy Again? Was not for me—but it might be right for you!


4. Cloud Paint

Blush is hands-down the most terrifying product to use as someone with limited makeup skills. One false move and you’ll end up looking like a killer clown from a horror movie, hence I usually avoid powder brushes like the plague. So when Glossier released a gel-cream blush that boasted to easily give a healthy, natural glow, I was skeptical yet intrigued. I ordered Cloud Paint in the color Storm, which is a deep rose (and in my opinion, the prettiest of the 6 shades).

When Cloud Paint arrived, I was a little disappointed with how the tiny the tube was, especially for the $18 price tag. However, I soon learned that you literally only need a dot of product to get a good amount of color. After my trial run with Cloud Paint, I was 1) impressed with myself that I didn’t mess up the application process (it’s recommended that you pat it on the apples of your cheeks) and 2) so happy with how nice it looked! I was worried that the color would be too intense on my pale skin, but instead it gave me a warm and healthy-looking glow. My Cloud Paint will definitely come in handy this winter when I am in desperate need of color, and I can’t wait to try a different shade!

Price: $18 (or 2 for $30)

Would I Buy Again? Yup. No Ragrets.


All photos used in this article are courtesy of Glossier's instagram page