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Gift Guide: Yankee Swap


Now that we’re all grown up in our college years (well kind of) the holidays mean a lot more to us than just the presents we receive. The holidays are about spending time with our loved ones, whether it be friends or family, and appreciating what we have. That being said, we still enjoy getting together with our girlfriends and having that annual Yankee Swap. These unpredictable gatherings start off by bringing a well-thought-out gift wrapped in the cutest package, and end with the anxious feeling of wondering who’s going to snipe the gift you just fell in love with. Not to mention, no one can deny the inner child in all of us that comes out when we unwrap a present. But before you get to the cute packaging, you still have to find this special gift. It’s not an easy task to find a gift that is mutual enough for everyone to like, and yet still fun and personal. That’s why we’ve created the top six Yankee Swap gift ideas for 20 bucks or less! Wrapping paper not included.


  1. Red Solo Cup Wine Glass Set. Cute while putting a spin on college classy. Since you still have a few dollars to spend, throw in a nip to go with the theme!



  1. Speakers. This speaker is a great portable device that can amp up the sound on your smart phone, iPod, laptop, and eTablet so no matter where you are the party can follow. Not to mention, its pink!


  1. Scarf and Earrings. Everyone loves a warm trendy scarf, so this is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Try looking for one of the circle scarves that seem to be sweeping the necks of girls everywhere. And if still in the budget, pair with a cute set of dangly earrings.


  1. Sex Toys. If you happen to be the more outspoken girl in the group, take this chance to open your shy friends up to a different world. We aren’t just talking about your average phallic shaped objects; there are tons of different toys to chose from in your budget. Some that look so far from a sex toy, you won’t even have to hide it before company comes over.



  1. Victoria Secret gift card. Normally I’m anti-gift cards for swaps like these, but having one in the mix isn’t so bad (especially when it’s from our favorite girl, Victoria). No girl can walk into this store and not find something she loves!
  1. Alcohol. Let’s be real, the red solo cup wine glasses aren’t going to be very fun without the adult beverage inside! We’re college students, we don’t have oodles of money laying around, and partying is what some of us look forward to on the weekends. Needless to say, if you open this gift don’t expect it to be sitting on your lap for long. 
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