Gift Giving On a Budget: 5 Gifts Under 50 Dollars

Happy Holidays, Collegiettes!

As the season of giving has officially begun, most of us are starting to worry about finding the perfect gifts for our family and friends. This task becomes even more daunting when taking into account the dwindling amount of cash in our bank accounts. If you're on a lean budget this Christmas, check out our list of fabulous gifts under 50 dollars below!

1. Herschel Backpack

Herschel bags are all the rage at the moment and make great gifts for any fellow student.

2. Leather Watch

Watches are the perfect go-to gift because everyone needs one, yet people rarely ever buy watches for themselves. Try and look for one with a nice strap and a gold or silver plating. For girls, we’d say the blingier the better.

3. Flask

A flask is always a fun choice for a gift because they come in countless shapes, sizes, and designs, making them easily personalized.

4. 10 Year Journal

If any of your friends or family love to write, then a 10 year journal is just the right gift! In 10 years time, you will be the first person they thank for all the memories they’ve documented.

5. iPhone Case

Basically everyone we know has an iPhone, so you can’t go wrong by gifting a trendy case in Secret Santa or Yankee Swap. To individualize the present, pick a case that relates to their favorite show or movie.

T’is the season for being frugal and not allowing the holidays to leave you completely bankrupt. Just remember to remove all labels before wrapping your gifts, and try not to feel too guilty when your best friend buys you an 100 dollar sweater.