A GIF Story: Finding Out Santa Isn’t Real

When I found out Santa wasn’t real I wrote in the diary I was keeping at the time that Christmas would never be the same and that next year, “I’ll be in the corner crying my eyes out, all the joy and spirit gone.” Hopefully you handled the disappointment better than me, but whether it was spoiled for you, you caught your parents, or you just figured it out, we can all relate to that moment in our childhoods.

Every year you eagerly wait for Santa to come on Christmas.

One day at school a kid tells you that Santa isn’t real.

You go into denial. It can’t be true. They’re lying.

The kid tells you that his parents told him and it’s all a lie.

You don’t want to believe it. You’re getting upset.

Another kid agrees and tells you that Santa is just your parents but at this point you can’t handle the situation anymore.

When you get home you wait to confront your parents hoping they’ll tell you that those kids were liars.

Once they’re home you tell them all about it and they just exchange looks.

Someone mentally draws the short straw and has to tell you the truth.

You listen in horror.

Maybe you even start crying.

You storm off to your room to be alone because you hate everyone.

Time passes and on Christmas morning you discover that you’re still excited to open all of your gifts.

However, you’re unsure if your siblings know the truth or not.

Finally the time comes when all your siblings know the truth and everyone is relieved that the big secret is out.

As you get older you decide that it’s actually pretty amazing that your parents accomplished so much and made you believe for all those years.

You come to realize that there’s more to the holiday spirit than Santa and gift giving. It’s all about being together.

Though you’re still taking a back seat when your little cousin finds out and throws a tantrum.