A GIF Story: Embrace Your Inner Jennifer Lawrence

There’s no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence is the new "It" girl, but she’s definitely not your typical Kim Kardashian that’s for sure! J-Law has provided us with some pretty hilarious but totally relatable scenarios despite the fact that she’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Let’s face it, The Hunger Games star is just like us which makes her that much more awesome!

First of all, the girl loves to eat.

A lot...

And like many of us, she finds herself in quite a few awkward situations

And we've all been here...

Then of course there’s her absolutely hilarious interview after the Oscars which is just too funny not to share with you guys: 

But we’ve all been in these situations. The important thing to note is that no matter what happens, J-Law stays true to her everyday self and doesn’t let anyone influence her otherwise! So whenever you feel like eating that extra french fry or accidentally trip up the stairs, just remember that Jennifer Lawrence has done it too (except in front of a lot more people). Gotta love her!