A GIF Story: 10 Reasons Why the Red Sox Do it Better

No one but a veteran Red Sox fan can understand the pain and heartache, the thrill and excitement, the late night anxiety-ridden extra innings with two outs and the winning run at third. The ups and downs are a part of what make the Red Sox one of the most fun teams to watch in baseball. Here are just a few reasons why the Red Sox do it better.

1. The brotherhood extends beyond the baseball field.

2. Our bullpen seconds as a percussion ensemble.

3. We do things like this to the Yankees...

4. Proving real men have beards and boys are told they can’t have them.

5. The Sox always manage to keep the game interesting.

6. And even though sometimes things get frustrating,

7. ...there is no such thing as a fair-weather Red Sox fan.

8. No win is taken for granted.

9. Because even after 86 years, "giving up" is not in our vocabulary.

10. The Red Sox are more than a baseball team. They are the beating heart of Boston. 

And if all of these reasons weren't enough to convince you, the Red Sox are now heading to the 2013 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals! Break out your finest Red Sox apparel and prepare for another roller coaster ride from the most entertaining team in baseball. Go Sox!