Fun Classes to Try at UMass

​Whether you need more credits or just want to take some low-stress classes, look no further for fall 2017 than this list of fun courses available to you at our very own UMass.

1. Communication 260: Public Speaking

I took this class to fulfill my major requirement, and it was so worth it. The course teaches you how to effectively organize information and then deliver strong presentations. Prompts include an informative speech, a persuasive speech and a self-introduction speech. 

2. Microbiology 160: Biology of Cancer and AIDS

I’ve heard that at least 75% of the class gets an A in this class. Get ready to learn about how cancer and AIDS progress, and what our understanding of these diseases can teach us about our own health.

3. NRC 120: Basic Scuba

I’ve heard plenty about this class, but have never met anyone that has taken it. For the sweet price of $175 (plus the cost of equipment), you can earn your scuba diving certificate! The only prerequisites for the class are to be able to swim and enjoy being in water.

4. Plant and Soil Sciences 100: Botany for Gardeners

Yes, this class totally exists. I've heard from friends that you spend the first part of the class meditating. If you need to fulfill the Biological Science requirement, this is it.


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