Four Fabulous Plus Size Clothing Companies

I’ve always loved fashion: blogs, websites, magazines. All the different styles and how they fit the models is so fascinating to me.

I always wished that I could look like them, but I was never able to because they didn't make these beautiful clothes in my size. I’ve taken huge strides to love the body I am in, even though it’s a little bigger than most. Just like everyone else, there are parts of it that I love and want to be accentuated, and some that I would rather hide.

But for some reason, most clothing companies haven’t gotten that memo. For many plus size people, finding really cute clothes that are built correctly for bigger shapes are hard to come by. When I go to the mall, the plus sized sections are either nonexistent, or the clothes in there are just depressing and frumpy. Along with that, most of these companies only focus on a few pieces. Things like tights and intimates can still be difficult for some people to find.

The national average for women’s sizes is a 14, and there are many women that are both over and under that. Yet, it seemed that until recently, most companies were only catering to the ones that were below that. We still have a long way to go in terms of accessibility and quality, but there are quite a few places that offer tons of fashionable plus sized clothing pieces!


Okay, so this one is probably the most expensive one that I’ll list here, but I can’t help it. ModCloth is full of really unique and flattering pieces for all different sizes. Although some of them only carry small, medium, and large sizes, a huge portion of their clothing goes from XS-4X!

The thing with this clothing is that the styles that they offer in this array of sizes are actually flattering. There have been a lot of times where I have run into the issue where clothing tends to be shorter or disproportionate as the sizes get larger, and I haven’t had any problems like that here!

Also, there are reviews from people who have ordered all different sizes (and many of them put their measurements up) so even though you’re ordering online, you can get an idea on how it will look before you buy it! Also, ModCloth has a great return/exchange policy so even if it doesn’t work out, it’s so easy to get that fixed.

Sock Dreams

Socks are probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing to have, especially in the winter. I just love a good pair of warm, knee-highs when I’m trying to bundle up on those cold nights. Since I have larger calves, it’s tough to find socks and tights that fit well, while still looking good and feeling really comfortable.

This website carries all sorts of socks and tights for tons of different sizes. They explain really well what measurements work best for each piece.


This website also has some pricey clothing pieces, but the quality is really great and they are always giving out coupons and discounts, so it really isn’t too difficult to get a good deal from here! All of their dresses are customizable, and come in a ton of different sizes, from XS-6X. If you want to spend $7.50 more, you can add all of your measurements and they can make a dress that’s completely custom for you!

Adore Me

Adore Me is another website that offers great styles in all sorts of sizes! This website caters to finding intimates and lingerie (because all bodies should be able to find cute pieces that make them feel and look great!). It's a little different from an online store in that you don't really get to choose what you get. Most people subscribe in order to get something new and adorable each month.

Your first order is discounted at $25, and the rest of the time it's about $40. This is a little pricey for a monthly payment, but you can also get a one-time only surprise sent to you too! Even though it seems like a little more than you want to spend, they send something that caters to your style, size and need, and often give you a set (so it really is a great deal for everything that you're getting). Also, it's fun to see what gifts they send you!

Other places like Forever21, Aerie/American Eagle, and Old Navy also have some great plus sized pieces, but some of these sizes are only accessible online, and not in stores.

Hopefully more clothing companies will start to listen to the demand for cute clothes in all sizes so everyone can enjoy feeling fashionable!

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