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Floor Drama or Reality Show?

We all know what it’s like to experience floor drama. From “floorcest,” to who is invited to the biggest parties off campus, it is easy to get caught up in it all. Sometimes it even feels like you are on a reality show.

You may hear some rumors about that one floormate who went a little too hard at a house party. It may surprise you that this person even has a wild side.

There’s always that one floormate constantly going on Tinder dates. You may overhear the scoop on how well the most recent date was, but they often claim the date was a bust.

How can you forget about the upperclassmen on your floor? If you are in a multi-year dorm, you probably overhear them frantically trying to figure out what lies in store for them after college.

You have come back from a weekend at home and are trying to catch up on the recent gossip. Little did you know that the person in the room next door committed some serious floorcest with the cutie down the hall.

There is always that one person that just broke up with their ex, and they are making it known to that they are single and ready to mingle.

You may decide to refrain from all the floor drama completely. To be honest, not getting involved is probably a good choice!
You might even be wondering if your friends have some floor drama going on in their dorm. Do not worry, Collegiettes, there is always something going on.
No matter what, your floormates are probably the greatest go-to people in any situation. There is nothing better than a pep talk from a fellow floormate!
By the end of the year, I can guarantee that you will be grateful you met your floormates! Although you may not be all in the same place next year, you will never forget those memories. As every reality show seems to conclude, may the curtain close on a good note! After all, your floormates are there to get you through to the end of the year.
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