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Five random quotes I’ve learned to live by this year

I learned a lot this year. Junior year was like no other and if I am being honest, it felt like it was chunks of moments, both good and bad, but never too linear or fluid. What I began to notice was that I depended a lot on sayings or random “quotes” to get me through. It wasn’t like I totally embodied the message that I was saying, but took bits and pieces of them and applied them to the situation I was in. I talked to some of my best friends and together we made a list of five quotes that I said most this year, or that got me through the good, the bad, and everything in between. Disclaimer: I have no idea who came up with some of these quotes so credit to the originator. 

  1. “It’s only embarrassing if you are embarrassed”

I stand by this quote wholeheartedly. So many times I have witnessed myself or my friends worry about something that may be “embarrassing” when in reality, it wasn’t to anyone else. I think when you truly break this saying down and realize if you are secure with yourself, if you don’t mind the situation, and if you don’t feel embarrassed then it doesn’t matter whatsoever if someone else does. I am an open book, I am a friendly person who dances at random times and breaks into song. If a shy person or more introverted individual sees that as weird and I don’t, then why should it matter. Seeking others’ approval is something as humans we naturally do way too much. I’m breaking that stigma and acknowledging that if I am not embarrassed, then I don’t care if anyone else thinks I should be. 

  1. “What’s meant for you will never miss you.” 

Driving home from work with my friends, en route to snag some 10 p.m. Cumberland Farm slushies, my friend told me this. While it was rather recent, I think back and really apply it to most of what happened this year. I got rejected from internships that I thought would be perfect, school things didn’t always go my way, and relationships were a struggle at times, but when I reflect, the things that were meant to happen didn’t miss me. When I think about the things that did miss me, I don’t think those things were meant to be. In January, moving to San Francisco for an internship was what I thought life would turn out to be. Now, I know I couldn’t have moved even if I was offered the opportunity. I always said everything happens for a reason and while I somewhat believe that, dark times don’t always feel like they have a reason. A lesson but not a direct reason. This quote embodies that energy. 

  1. “No thoughts just vibes” 

I overthink, way too much. I am working on it but when those moments occur, I just lean into this idea of just vibing. With the mood, with the environment, with others in my surroundings. Life is short, college especially. Don’t think too much about the little stuff, just vibe, and have fun. 

  1. “Talk to yourself like someone you love” 

I could spend paragraphs talking about the meaning of this one but I think it’s necessary to point out that I still struggle with it. My friend Ella reminded me most mornings last semester how important it is to look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how incredible you are. I compliment my friends all the time, hype them up 24/7 and there is no reason why I can’t continue to talk to myself like I would my best friend.

  1. “You’re doing enough” 

I had a lot on my plate this year. I ran an entire section of a newspaper, took classes, freelanced, and joined other clubs. When tasked with so many things, it’s so easy to lose sight of reality. I had to really remind myself there are so many hours in the day and sometimes, just trying is truly enough. 

I learned a lot in these last two semesters. I am thankful for it all. For the sayings that got me through, the lessons I learned from bad times, and for my friends who celebrated all the good. 

To junior year, I thank you. Vibes. 

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Lulu Kesin

U Mass Amherst '23

Lulu is a junior double major in journalism and communications. Some of Lulu's passions include wearing patterned pants, dancing in the grocery store, watching coming of age movies and advocating for female equality in the sports industry.
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