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Five Perfect Spots at UMass for a Quiet Study Session

When students need a place to work but have gotten sick of dreary concrete dorm walls, it's almost vital that they find a new study spot to call home. For those who prefer a quiet and more secluded area, here are a few places that will help you conquer your academics this semester:

1. Du Bois Library Quiet Floors

This may be a bit of an obvious choice, but having quiet floors in our beautiful library is the best. Because it’s located right in the heart of campus, it is without a doubt the place to go for studying at UMass (and for a great view, of course). The library has several floors reserved for silent study, where everyone has the same intention: to study without distractions. Floors like the fifth, eighth, eleventh and seventeenth are all considered quiet study areas in Du Bois.

2. Student Union

The Student Union is a place that many students pass through to get to the Campus Center or Blue Wall, but not too many sit down and hit the books. This building is underrated: it has chairs and couches to relax on and nestle into. There’s also a staircase that leads to an entirely new section that most never venture up to. If you’re looking for quiet seclusion, take a trip up this staircase.

3. Integrative Learning Center

There are tons of hidden spots in the ILC that will let you have quiet study time, even during the busiest times of day. Explore other floors besides the first two, where most Minutemen hang out. These floors are the homes of a few different majors' departments as well, so it’s interesting to learn more about them by sitting down and spending time in their departments. There are tons of hidden spots on the very bottom floor to the right of Peet’s Coffee & Tea. If you’re on campus at night, studying at the ILC is ideal because most students choose the library when pulling the dreaded all-nighter.

4. Bottom of the Campus Center

You’ve probably taken the escalator down to the bottom floor of the Campus Center for club meetings and other activities. However, other than attending meetings, not many students spend much time there. Lounging on a chair or sitting at a high table in here works well when you're cramming for an exam and just need some alone time.

5. Durfee Conservatory

The Durfee Conservatory is an absolutely beautiful greenhouse filled with plants and flowers. Even though you may not want to spend an entire day of studying in a greenhouse, it’s healthy to sit and be surrounded with nature every now and then. UMass students are always welcome to sit, grab a book and relax during a typical hectic college day. The Conservatory is open from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. 

Whether you're a new student or not, you will find your own little piece of UMass somewhere. Where's your favorite study spot, Collegiettes?

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