Find 'Euphoria' on a Budget!

If you’re anything like me, you spent a lot of this hot girl summer obsessing over the HBO hit, Euphoria. This show contains all kinds of activities that might not be recommended, but what we can get behind are the AMAZING makeup looks. Kirsten Sage Coleman and Doniella Davy are the incredible duo behind Euphoria's iconic makeup looks. Both women list products that they use in their Instagram posts, but I am here to help make it a little bit easier. 

There are some essential things you'll need to recreate these looks: Glitter paste, neon eyeliners, gemstones and a whole lotta time.

I took a lot of inspiration from these artists. The most accessible tool for me was eyeliner, so lets start there! NYX Cosmetics has amazing neon liquid eyeliners that start at just $8. It can't get better than that! 

These liners look great by themselves or paired with black or glitter eyeliners. If you are feeling extra, Amazon has endless amounts of gemstones at great prices. Many of Euphoria's iconic looks include some extra bling. That bling goes for $10! 


Now, let's talk GLITTER. Lemonhead.LA is the go to brand for Kirsten Sage Coleman and Doniella Davy. While they are not exactly affordable for the average college student, they are definitely something to save up for. An alternative is a glitter liquid liner, another great priced and quality item from NYX Cosmetics. Those retail for just $8 too! 

A whole lot of time and dedication are necessary when it comes to recreating these looks. I would recommend trialing it on a weekend when you might have some more time. The one big difference about real life and Euphoria is, I definitely do not have the amount of time it takes to achieve these looks before my 10 a.m. class. 

Image sources: (1 and 2 are courtesy of the author) 3