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Finals Week as Told by the Characters of Parks and Recreation

It’s that time of year again: finals week. Your workload suddenly triples and your GPA seems more vulerable than ever. Her Campus and the characters of Parks and Recreation are coming together to explain what happens to most Collegiettes during this hellish week:

1. You realize that you have a ton of work to do once you get back from Thanksgiving break.

2. You lose your cool when your parents ask you how studying is going.

3. The professor reminds your class that the final is cumulative and you hate yourself for not reading the syllabus.

4. You lose your motivation to eat healthy and stuff your face with junk food.

5. You look at the study guide and realize that you know nothing.

6. You have what feels like an epiphany: your professor is not asking for much from you. The material feels overwhelming because you should have started studying earlier.

7. You take your stress out on inanimate objects.

8. You go out party even though you should be studying. Maybe you can fit your notes into your Coach wristlet?

9. You lose your motivation to study sometime during the days or hours leading up to the exam.

10. You finally accept that old study habits die hard. Despite the fact that you are terrifyingly unprepared to take your final, you take that exam with a nonchalant attitude.

On a more serious note, find your inner Rob Swanson throughout the entire week, Collegiettes. Nothing is worse for your mental and physical health than stress, and you deserve to enjoy this week as if it were any other time of the year. Study, take breaks, and take care of yourself. Her Campus is here for you! Happy finals week, everyone.

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Hello! I'm a senior at UMass Amherst. I am an economics major and I love hockey, the beach, and Sex and the City!
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