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Fight Domestic Violence: Support Safe Passage

In a world where nearly 1 in 5 women have been raped at some point during their lives and nearly half of all women and men in the United States have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner, domestic violence proves to be a serious issue that demands attention. Safe Passage, located in Northampton, MA, is an organization devoted to ending domestic violence and oppression for women.

1. Safe Passage offers support and advocacy of all kinds for domestic violence victims. It offers individual and group counseling, and advocacy about welfare, medical, and educational issues. The organization also offers: advocacy and support for children who have witnessed domestic violence, specialized services and support for individuals with disabilities, specialized services for immigrants, advocacy for abuse victims, a confidential toll-free hotline, and legal assistance for divorce, child custody, and other family issues. Safe Passage teaches victims to believe in themselves and to recognize their ability to survive and heal. The organization teaches victims to refrain from placing unnecessary blame on themselves, and teaches them about the importance of rebuilding a support system, as well as surrounding themselves with positive and supportive people.

2. Every year, Safe Passage holds a Hot Chocolate Run, a 5k run and 2.5k walk in order to raise money for the organization and to help fund important programs for survivors of domestic violence. The run is an excellent way for those in the local community to come out and show their support for survivors of domestic violence. While the run allows so many people the opportunity to help many of those in need, it also allows participants to enjoy an amazing cup of hot chocolate upon reaching the finish line.

3. Sisters on the Runway at UMass works alongside Safe Passage. Sisters on the Runway inspires students to raise awareness for survivors of domestic violence by putting on a fashion show that involves the school as well as the local community. Empowered models walk the runway in order to raise money to help broken victims. The organization generously donates the proceeds made from the fashion show event to Safe Passage in order to support their programming.

Domestic violence is an issue everywhere and affects many people. By supporting Safe Passage and other similar organizations, we can help survivors heal.

Take action now and help!

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