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Feeling Creative? DIY Wine Bottle Craft (Step By Step Instructions)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Pinterest is one of the most addicting websites on the Internet. Between all of the recipe, clothing, accessories and crafting ideas, it’s hard not to spend hours scrolling through the pictures and adding more pins to your boards. Not too long ago, I personally stumbled across wine bottle crafts and decided to give it a try myself. My roommate and I attempted to recreate the picture below, from Pinterest, and it turned out to be the perfect decoration that was so easy to make!

For this craft, there is only 4 main supplies needed: wine bottle(s), twine, Elmer’s glue, and decorations (of your choice). To begin, take the empty wine bottle and from the top, tie a knot with the twine. From there start wrapping the wine bottle with the twine, continuing to move down the bottle. This is what mine started to look like:

Once we reached the part of the bottle pictured above, my roommate and I placed some Elmer’s glue on the bottle to help with the twine staying on the larger part of the bottle. We then continued all the way down the bottle.  At the bottom, we then placed Elmer’s glue again, so it wouldn’t unravel, and again tied a knot.

Now is the fun part, decorating! My roommate and I purchased a few fake flowers and ribbons to tie around. Our final product was this:

This entire craft was simple, and it instantly became a perfect 21st birthday gift as a decoration or a real flower holder! These are the other crafts I found on Pinterest that I cannot wait to try.

Happy crafting, Collegiettes!

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*Other photos taken by author

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