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The Fashion Brands That Support the Community and Environment

With the current blossoming weather of Spring and Summer fast approaching, exams will finally end, summer jobs will commence, and the festivities will begin! Long nights around a campfire, long beach days under the sun with some of your closest friends, and all the celebrations and cookouts call for new summer fashion.

While wearing a new, expensive outfit is always an exciting venture, and I believe in being your own hype gal, summer is also about giving back to the community that supports you 24/7. It’s a time to explore the nature surrounding you, helping those in need, while also enjoying the freedom in which summer days can provide you. So, embrace summer with its vibrant festivals, drive-in movies, and outdoor concerts while wearing the clothes you’ll feel confident in and sharing the story of the community empowered and a few sustainability driven clothing brands.

1. Tentree

Sustainability and eco-friendly focused, Tentree’s mission is to help bring life back to our planet through actively using sustainable fabrics including organic cotton, recycled polyester, coconut, or cork. It was originally created by Dave Luba and Kalen Emsley while interacting with the environment in Hawaii, and is now run by CEO, Derrick Emsley. Not only are they trying to reduce the negative environmental impact certain apparel brands produce, they also plant 10 trees for every item purchased to help revive the environment. Currently, they have 20+ projects in 10+ countries with people who have planted around 25.8 million trees thus far.

If you love supporting the environment, you’ll love to rep this brand! The items on Tentree display a nature vibe with some items that can be used for outdoor use. A perfect style for long hiking days with friends or spending time around a campfire.

Types of Products Sold: Women’s and men’s tops (hoodies, long and short sleeves, tanks, jackets, outwear, etc.), bottoms (shorts and pants) and accessories (head wear, towels, bags, socks, etc.)

General Price Range: $14.00-$120.00

2. Olori

Olori, meaning “queen” in the Yoruba language spoken in West Africa symbolizes every girl’s innate power and worth. It was founded by Tomide Awe, a Nigerian woman who grew up in a country where a single girl had a 73% chance of not attending school and receiving an education. As she drew inspiration from her culture’s traditional prints and textiles, she began her women empowered handbag line to help provide one month of tuition fees for underprivileged girls with every handbag that is sold. All handbags are made by artisans and women-owned businesses in Nigeria.

We are all about women empowerment and helping girls thrive and be the best they can be! These items are best used for shopping days or can be worn at restaurants along the beach. Either way, make sure to embrace the craftsmanship of your handbag as it was made to empower women! 

Types of Products Sold: Bags, pouches, pins, and tees

General Price Range: $10.00-$328.00

3. Ivory Ella

With a mission to put an end to ivory trade and the mistreatment of elephants, the founders of Ivory Ella believe in producing quality apparel that both makes a strong impact in helping these precious animals and makes you feel good while wearing it at the same time. Thus far, Ivory Ella has donated over $1.6 million towards organizations such as Save the Elephants and other charitable organizations. Every year, 10% of their profits are donated to this cause.

These clothing items are best to wear for casual events, especially with long walks on the beach, a beach-side carnival on a pier, or grabbing a few friends for summertime outdoor activities. Whatever you choose, make sure to own the outfit and be proud!

Types of Products Sold: Tops (long and short sleeves, sweatshirts, tank tops, windbreakers), bottoms (leggings, shorts, joggers, sweatpants), accessories (bags and backpacks, jewelry, drink ware, hats, etc.), and more!

General Price Range: $10.00-$65.00

4. Sand Cloud

You may know them by their hashtag #savethefishies or with their colorful towel collections, but do you know how they are making an impact? The Sand Cloud company looks to raise awareness to save marine life and their ecosystems. Donating 10% of their profits to non-profits supporting their goals, they also help to support organizations such as Marine Conservation Institute, Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and more! Made from handwoven Turkish cotton, their beautiful towels were created followed by a long line of apparel and lifestyle items.

We love spending our day off from the work week to enjoy a relaxing beach day with friends or family. A style for the beach-goer or person who overall appreciates nature, Sand Cloud apparel and towels is the perfect outfit choice!

Types of Products Sold: Towels and blankets (recycled, tie dye, marine life, etc.), tops (recycled, long and short sleeved, crop tops, hoodies, leggings), accessories and lifestyle (jewelry, hats, beanies, glass bottles, metal straws, bags, socks), and more!

General Price Range: $6.00-$75.00

Sometimes we can feel like our actions are not making an impact on society and we often wish that can be changed (I know this happens to me). A small impact is still in impact. You can even support certain brands by becoming a brand ambassador. Even if you purchase an item that helps to support communities of people trying to make the world a place of inspiration to make change, then your actions are valuable. Love the apparel you’re in, support your peers, and most importantly, give love and support back to the community because this is how change occurs.


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