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The Fashion of 8AM’s as Told by Beyonce

You wake up to the sound of your ringing alarm, maybe the smell of fresh coffee, and tears on your face. It’s eight in the morning, and you have class. It isn’t even one of those classes you can actually skip. Because in this class of about twenty people, the teacher knows your face like she’s picking you out of a lineup. A couple of slip-ups will land you in the prison of failure. So, rain or shine, you make your way to class, where you discover that a fashion show is unfolding right before your very eyes.

The Vogue model 

Struts into class like it’s fashion week, and everything is perfectly in place. You’re trying to figure out what time this person wakes up just to do their makeup. Maybe five, but their hair is also on point as well–so, four? While they took an hour to get their life in order, it took you an hour to convince yourself to leave your bed that morning.

The “I woke up like this” person

Casually walks into class in their pajamas and they are working it as they walk towards their desk. Society wants to bring them down by saying that you can only wear pajamas at certain times, but they’re proving society wrong one pair of flannel-patterned pants at a time.

The “I have work/an interview after this” person

Makes you suddenly feel like you’re on Wall Street. You have to work/interview after class? Well, this day just keeps getting better doesn’t it?

The “*insert article of clothing here* is on backwards” person

Does not have their shirt on backwards. This is the season’s latest fashion trend, and people are obviously not keeping up.

The person who believes “sweatpants are Bae” 

Is currently in a very intense relationship with their sweatpants and no early morning class is going to tear these two apart.

The person who wears summer clothes all year round

Sports very short shorts despite of the fact that it is negative thirty outside, but maybe if they pretend we are in Punta Cana, then winter and this class will magically disappear.

The person who believes it’s winter all year round

Forgets to leave their winter jacket at home. It’s seventy five degrees outside, but I get it. You just want to build a snowman in your parka and ignore the fact that you are too tired to focus on a single word the professor is saying right now.

The mix & matcher

Their wardrobe is like an artist’s palette; vibrant and filled with many colors.

The “Let’s Get Physical” person

Might be heading to the gym after class, but is most-likely just wearing those comforting clothes after having to leave their warm and comfortable bed this morning.

The “sweatshirt is Bae” person

Never leaves home without one. Pretty sure this is all their wardrobe consists of since they wear a new one every single day.

No matter what category you fall into, or even if you fall into your own unique category, be sure to hold your head high and strut your stuff. It might be early but just remember: You “woke up like THIS.”


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Chloe is double major in political science and legal studies. She is addicted to espressos and tea and her favorite hobbies include sleeping and eating. She also enjoys traveling and pretending she can dance like Beyoncé. Her life motto is "You can catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys bein fly."
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