Fall into a New You

Fall is upon us and as Scott F. Fitzgerald said in The Great Gatsby, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” So in honor of this fall, adopt a new, more organized and relaxed you. Here are just a few small ways to feel like a new you this season. 
1. Feng Shui your room. 
You may not be able to afford to completely redecorate, but a simple feng shui could make you feel like you did! 
Even if you end up just putting everything back where it was. 
2. Try a new exercise class or routine. 
You can end up losing your motivation if you’re only running on the treadmill. Try switching up the routine with a spin or dance class. It could make all the difference, both mentally and physically. 
3. Make room for new clothes. 
We all have those clothes in the back of the drawers that we keep around “just in case.” Instead of leaving them to waste away, let someone else show them off. Agree to a clothes swap with friends or donate them to a local shelter.
4. Make room for new music. 
Every year I fill up my iTunes library with tons of new music, but end up skipping over half of it every time. Clean up your music collection and delete what you don’t listen to for a better experience.
5. Try something new.
Join a club or intramural on campus, try a new restaurant in town, volunteer in the community or cook a new recipe for friends.
6. Schedule some much needed "me" time. 
Make time for yourself at least once a week, to do whatever it is you like to do. Catch up on pleasure reading and sleep or your precious television shows. 
7. Clean up your social media.
Remember those pictures you took freshman year? Yeah, neither do I. But, when going through old Facebook photos, you may find some not-so-quality pics. Perhaps even some that should be hidden from future employers and friends. Don't forget to spot-check your Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well. 
8. Get outside.
Winter is coming, and (if it's anything like our last one) being outside is going to be the last thing you'll want to do. Enjoy a walk around town or find great, new hiking areas. Participate in fall activities like apple and pumpkin picking, or find a fall craft fair. When your toes are numb while standing outside your favorite bar in January, you'll be happy you embraced your opportunities to bond with mother-nature when you could. 
9. Make A New Friend.
The girl who you exchange small talk with in your physical science gen-ed could be just as into Cupcake Wars as you are and love the new Alt-J album. Just give her a chance! You never know who could turn into your new bestie. Plus, it's good to have at least one in-class buddy to compare notes with.
10. Go to a Football Game at McGuirk.
UMass Football is back on campus! As exciting as it was to watch The Minutemen play at Gillette, it's good to see them back on home turf where school spirit is stronger than ever. Let's go UMass!