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The Evolution of Fashion Choices On Campus As the Semester Struggles On


Fashion is a major form of expression and lots of Collegiettes love to show off their personality through their individual style. Though sometimes, on a college campus, walking around all day (no matter what Mother Nature does to the weather…) can be difficult. As the semester goes on (and the days seem to get longer and the weather gets worse) there is a pattern that goes on—the downfall of (most of) our motivations to get ready. Here’s a glimpse of how the style of Collegiette typically evolves throughout the semester.

First week of school:

Everyone starts off the semester with the cutest outfits and the motivation level is at its peak. You have to hit this semester with a bang!


Third week:

Holy hotness, it’s NEVER this hot! Guess it’s time to pull out all the Nike shorts (comfy, but cute) you have!

Fifth week:

That weird period when it’s like Antarctica in the morning & really warm in the afternoon…



Ninth week:


Twelfth week:

Leggings. Leggings. Leggings. And more leggings.

Fifteenth week:

Rainy week…YAY (sarcasm)



Everyone always has at least one bad week during the course of the semester. Outfits like these are perfect for those weeks when you’re fed up with the weather (or just people in general)

Seventeenth week:

Towards the end of the semester, this is the go-to warm & comfy everyday staple.


And finally, the nineteenth week:

Finals. Week. Not. Ready. Not. Enough. Sleep. Too. Much. Cramming.

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