The End to a Marvel Era: Are You Ready for the "Endgame?"

Avengers: Endgame comes to theaters April 26th, 2019– just under a full year since the release of Infinity War. That was not enough time for my heart to fully recover from the trauma of Thanos turning some of my favorite heros to dust. With a length time of 3 hours, we’re guaranteed to feel a level of pain stronger than all past heart-wrenching scenes from Marvel movies combined. Yes, that includes “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good…” OH GOD, NO.

From the trailer, the remaining heros made it clear that they will do whatever it takes to avenge the fallen. Whatever it takes. Does that include sacrificing themselves? In case you need a refresher, the remaining Avengers who survived the snap are Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, War Machine, Hulk (but I guess I should say Bruce Banner, since he couldn’t transform into the Hulk at all in Infinity War), Rocket, Nebula, Ant-Man, Okoye, and M’Baku. From the trailer, we see that Hawkeye and Captain Marvel survived as well. So now it’s up to them to save the universe and reverse Thano’s actions. How are they going to do that? Well, maybe with Star-Lord out of the way, the remaining Avengers will actually be able to coax the Infinity Gauntlet off of Thano’s hand without Peter Quill MESSING IT ALL UP. His emotions just had to get in the way and ultimately lead to the death of half the entire universe. And people think women are dramatic

One thing that is for sure is that this will be the end to a Marvel era, and some of our loveable heroes are not going to survive the Endgame. To help you prepare for this 3 hour heartbreaking finale, here are a couple things to remember before seeing the movie.

Half the Universe is Dead

And Thanos has all 6 Infinity Stones. He was virtually unstoppable with no Infinity Stones, so now he’s the ultimate Final Boss. At the end of Infinity War, Thanos took out half the entire universe with just one, nonchalant snap of his fingers. It was in that moment we saw some of our favorite Marvel characters turn to dust. I was in denial about it, even after the credits. NO, the bad guy can’t win. It doesn’t work like that! I’m ready for redemption in this upcoming movie.

Doctor Strange Has the Tea

In Infinity War, Doctor Strange calculated all possible outcomes of the battle to take down Thanos. Out of millions of possibilities, there was only one scenario in which The Avengers won. Could this be it? What does Doctor Strange know that we don’t? You may remember Strange handing over the Time Stone to Thanos to save Iron Man’s life, followed by the explanation that it was the only way. Doctor Strange didn’t survive the snap, so there’s no way of knowing for sure which outcome we’re going to get until we see the movie.

Thor’s New Weapon Could Potentially Save the Day

In Thor: Ragnarok, we learned that Thor doesn’t necessarily need his hammer to be powerful. Which is good, because it was destroyed by his sister, Hela. With the destruction of the mjolnir came Thor’s realization of his true power. He’s not the God of Hammers, he’s the God of Thunder. However, a nice accessory to help him out with defeating Thanos can’t hurt. In Infinity War, a new axe was created for him: The Stormbreaker. Maybe this time, he’ll go for the head.

Gamora and Vision are DEAD Dead. Maybe.

They were both killed so Thanos could get the Soul Stone and the Mind Stone. Thanos threw Gamora off a cliff in exchange for the Soul Stone– talk about “daddy issues,”– and he violently ripped the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head. And as I’m sure you remember, this was after Scarlet Witch went through the torture of killing the love of her life in order to destroy the stone before Thanos could get his hands on it. But with the possession of the Time Stone, all Thanos had to do was rewind time to bring Vision back to life just to kill him all over again. Since these two deaths occured before the snap, it’s uncertain if their lives will be resurrected. But then again, it seems plausible with the Time Stone. Let’s be hopeful, everyone.

Our Girl, Captain Marvel, is On Her Way

A true Marvel fanatic knows to stay in the theater until after the credits for the legendary post-credit scene that give us insight into the upcoming movie. After Infinity War, we saw Nick Fury signal Captain Marvel right before turning to dust. She is the most powerful superhero, so she is crucial in the plan to take down Thanos. I mean, it would have been nice of her to help out with past battles, but she’s on her way now and that’s what is most important.

One thing you can count on for Endgame is that it’s guarantee to trigger emotions like never before. You won’t walk out of the theater as the same person you were when you walked in. Prepare for a three-hour journey with highs and lows; comedy and drama; and a whole lot of thrilling action. Welcome to the Endgame.


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