Eduroam: As Told By the Cast of the Office

There is a special place in every UMass Amherst student's heart for Eduroam, our wireless connection to the outside world. And there are so many things to love about it, like:

When it says you are connected to Eduroam, but then you log on to the internet and no page will load except the Google homepage.

Or when the computer asks you for your UMass email and password in order to connect to Eduroam and no matter how many times your correctly enter them you still don’t connect.

How about when Eduroam works in your room and only your room?

Or when it works for you for an hour and then decides your time is up.

Ooh, and when you are trying to submit your assignment on Moodle, but then Eduroam decides to stop working.


We cannot forget the eternal buffering that is Eduroam. You know when that little loading circle pops up next to the Wi-Fi symbol on your phone…and never goes away.

But what’s really fun is when you are watching Netflix and your show or movie stops, exits, and says that it is “unable to establish connection.”

So you shift in your bed to an unconformable position to try and get a better connection and Netflix still won’t work.

Then you try restarting your phone because you want to believe the best in Eduroam and think your phone is the problem, but you realize how wrong you were to doubt your phone because you know Eduroam is the real enemy number one.

So you turn to OIT, which tells you to temporarily use the “UMass” Wi-Fi... but that doesn’t work either.

And the best part of all of this is that all undergraduate students now pay an annual shared infrastructure fee of $250 because no dollar amount is too much for something like Eduroam, that is so "priceless."

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