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Drab to Fab: How to Make 2014 Your Most Fashionable Year Yet

Happy New Year, Collegiettes! As one of our many resolutions for 2014 we’ve decided to completely revamp our closet, just like Kanye did for Kim in that one episode of KUWTK. This means retiring those fugly sherpa-lined boots and fleece jacket, because let’s face it, that look is so 2000 and late. Realistically though, we are all ballin’ on a budget, so to maximize trendiness and minimize financial ruin, the key is to invest in a few versatile pieces that you can wear over and over without looking repetitive. Here are some basic items which will make your closet go from drab to fab.

Chelsea Boot

Black ankle boots are a staple for every girl no matter what their style is. Take a page out of Kylie Jenner’s book and seriously buy a pair. Check out Asos or Zara for some fairly affordable choices.

High-Wasted Jeans

Wear these with your favorite crop top / cropped pullover, keeping in mind that exposed midriffs are all over the Spring 2014 runway. The practicality of high-wasted pants is twofold: they basically act as Spanx for your upper half whilst making your legs look extra skinny.

Leather Jackets

Nothing screams “I’m super edgy” more than rocking a grungy leather jacket. Obviously, the ones made with real leather are to die for, but for those of us who can’t afford such luxuries you can find some cute faux leather ones on Urban Outfitters or Topshop. Plus, if you decide to go the faux route, you can spill as much beer as you want on it and not even give a damn.


Now that the coldest months of the year are upon us, we can rock beanies without feeling like a dirty burnout who hasn’t washed his hair in 5 days.

Patterned Tights / Knee High Socks

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf and purchase some high quality tights that won’t snag, like the ones by Wolford. We recommend pairing them with your favorite skater skirt or sweater dress. One word: chic.

Remixing your wardrobe doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. The next time you are out shopping, just remember to buy items that you know you will wear often. Stick to the style essentials and stay stylish, Collegiettes!

A sophomore at Umass majoring in English.
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