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The Dixie Chicks are Back and We Couldn’t be More Excited

It was 2003 in London, the Dixie Chicks were at the peak of their fame, touring both nationally and internationally. Then, lead singer Natalie Maines made this statement: “We don’t want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”

She was referring to then president, George W. Bush, and the disputes regarding the soon-to-be invasion of Iraq. This prompted great outrage throughout the nation against the Dixie Chicks, causing singles to drop dramatically on billboard charts, CDs to be broken and burned, death threats to be made, and widespread lack of support from the country music community.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with the political opinions the band expressed, their talents were, and still are, undeniable. The combination of strong vocals and use of musical instruments such as the violin and banjo create an original, authentic sound accounting for an immense fan base prior to their political comments, and remaining popularity in the years since.  

Now, why are the Dixie Chicks still being talked about since this controversy occurred in 2003, and their last studio album was released in 2006? Because the trio has announced their first U.S. tour in ten years, beginning in June 2016.

This announcement caused diehard Dixie Chicks fans to freak out.

While we love our female superstars, there has been a lack of strong female groups in today’s music scene; the Dixie Chicks still hold the title of biggest selling female band in the U.S. It seemed as if all hope was lost in ever experiencing the live talents of Martie, Emily, and Natalie, but now we can finally celebrate our good fortune.

The Dixie Chicks remain so well-loved because of their great hits with relatable, heartfelt lyrics. Some of our favorites include:

1. “Cowboy Take Me Away”

With lyrics such as, “I wanna be the only one for miles and miles, except for maybe you and your simple smile,” “Cowboy Take Me Away” epitomizes classic love. And who wouldn’t want a little cowboy romance every now and then?

2. “Goodbye Earl”

Nothing says revenge like poisoning your abusive husband with your best friend and still having a happily ever after. With a catchy beat and snappy lyrics, what’s not to love?

3. “Travelin’ Soldier”

tear-jerker for people of all ages: the story of a young soldier killed in the Vietnam war, leaving his love behind. “And he told her of his heart, might be love and all of the things he was so scared of,” they croon, making all of your love-life problems pale in comparison.

4. “Wide Open Spaces”

A classic coming-of-age story, one we could all relate to as we graduated high school and left to pursue our college dreams. “She needs wide open spaces, room to make her big mistakes” existed as an Instagram caption before Instagram existed itself.

5. “There’s Your Trouble”

“You can’t see I love you, you can’t see she doesn’t, but you just keep holding on, there’s your trouble,” they sang, pointing out knowledge of trouble way before Taylor Swift ever did (but we still love you Taylor). Basically everyone agrees relationships suck.

6. “Not Ready to Make Nice”

Perhaps their most controversial song, even more than “Goodbye Earl,” “Not Ready to Make Nice” directly addresses their controversy. “And how in the world can the words that I said send somebody so over the edge that they’d write me a letter, sayin’ that I better shut up and sing or my life will be over,” they so eloquently ask. Whether or not you agree with their actions and opinions, I think we can all agree that this song raises pertinent questions about the incident overall.

We couldn’t be more excited that the adorable trio is finally reappearing the U.S. touring circuit, their twangy sound and classic lyrics are just what we’ve been missing.

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