Discover Fall to Winter #LipGoals (Color and Care)

Looking for transitional fall to winter lip shades and great lip care products? I got you! If you are also on a budget, this will be great for you too.

  1. 1. Lip Balm

    My favorite lip balm year-round has been from Burt's Bees. They have a collection of lip balms, but the one I have loved the most (so far) has been the Ultra Conditioning Balm. You can find it at your local drugstore for about $3 each. In my opinion, this is a steal! This lip balm gives immediate relief to dry lips and soothes them on contact. This can be used at any time of day, but my favorite time to use it is right before I go to bed. Next up, my favorite fall lip to winter lip shades.

  2. 2. Pinks

    I am a die-hard fan of liquid lips. With conditioned and cared-for lips, you will have no problem pulling off these amazing lip colors. My most favorite brand of liquid lips are from Sephora and from the drugstore. Don't be scared away by Sephora just yet. These retail for $14, which is the moderate price when it comes to a high quality liquid lip. This amazing neutral pink shade is in the color "72". It is my perfect nude-pink that I had been previously searching for. I am obssessed. My other favorite lip color is from Maybelline. These SuperStay Matte Ink's retail for $7 to $9 at various locations. They are definitely worth the price as they can outlast almost anything. Also, they are super pigmented and come in a beautiful range of shades. 

  3. 3. Browns

    I love a good brown-toned, neutral shade when it comes to the fall and winter. My love for Ariana Grande has definitely influenced that choice for me. Sephora's cream lipstains in the shades "26" and "39" offer two different brown options. The color in "26" is a more spiced auburn shade, while the shade in "39" is a more a mauve-brown combo. The extra shade in this trio is from Huda Beauty perfectly named "Spice Girl". It is one of my all-time favorite brown shades that I love during almost any season. That retails for $20, which I think is totally worth the price if you can splurge. 

  4. 4. Reds

    Red lips can seem scary, but not when they are this good! It took me a little while to find my perfect shade of red. Maybelline SuperStay in Pioneer and the Sephora cream lip stain in "No. 96" are my go-to shades of red. When I think of a power-lip, these are my favorite picks. 

  5. 5. Metallics

    Finally, I saved the most fun for last! I had never loved the idea of metallic liquid lips. However, I hit a turning point this year when I was looking for a fun red shade for the holidays and probably for Valentine's Day too. The red one "No. 64" looked exciting and was a pleasant surprise when trying it on in person. On a more recent Sephora purchase, I picked up the Maroon or Wine colored version, as Maroon is one of my school's colors. That one is labeled "No. 58". I highly recommend these colors if you're looking to spice up your collection. 

If you have not figured it out already, I am lip product obsessed. Personally, I find that lip products can make or break a look. I find that a fun or bold color is great to be really powerful when it comes to my own energy. I find that if I have a big test or I am even at home writing a paper, that I can add a little self-confidence boost by applying a "power" lip. I highly recommend trying it out, along with all of these great products!