A Definitive Ranking of the Top 5 Disney Channel Original Movies

As someone who was born in 2001, Disney Channel dominated my childhood. One of the highlights of my Disney watching days was eagerly awaiting the release of a new Disney Channel original movie. For years I’ve been scrambling to rewatch my favorite childhood classics and ever since Netflix removed most DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movie) I was left with no way to bask in their glory again. But alas, the time has come. With the release of Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, we’re able to embrace the joy of Disney classics, and most importantly, Disney Channel Original Movies. So in honor of the release of Disney+, here is my official ranking of the top 5 Disney Channel Original Movies:


5. Wizards of Waverly: The Movie (2009)

Starting with number 5, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie is a true rollercoaster from start to finish. Probably the most emotional of the bunch, watching Alex’s dream become her worst nightmare had my little eight year old heart torn to pieces. But its happy ending and comedic antics from our favorite wizards make for TV movie magic, and with that it, secures a place in my heart at number five.


4. Princess Protection Program (2009)

With Princess Rosalinda about to be crowned queen and her kingdom of Costa Luna under attack, she is relocated under the protection of the Princess Protection Program to Louisiana to live with Carter, a totally average teenager, and the complete opposite of Rosie. Simply put, my younger self thought this was the coolest thing ever. Secret spy missions and normal teenage life are both relatable and the stuff of dreams. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are queens that are not to be messed with, and they prove it yet again in Princess Protection Program.


3. High School Musical 1 and 2 (2006/2007)

Much like Troy being unable to choose between basketball and the school musical, I too cannot choose between High School Musical 1 and High School Musical 2. So, I grouped the two movies together (sorry HSM 3, I still love you). Do I even have to explain why these two cinematic masterpieces are in the top 3 of this list? The teen experience in High School Musical might not be exactly like the real high school experience, but what the High School Musical movies lack accurately depicting the teen experience, they make up for in, well, literally everything else. From the absolute musical hits to the outrageous dance numbers that we all know by heart, these movies are simply put, fabulous, and deserve to bop to the top of your DCOM ranking.


2. The Camp Rock Series (2008/2010)

Where do I even start? Camp Rock is a classic case of the heroine’s journey in which main protaganist, Mitchie, navigates the ups and downs of trying to fit in at summer camp and battling the rival camp across the pond, Camp Star. With a powerhouse of a cast, incredible music, and unforgettable dance moves, Camp Rock is a true DCOM classic. Look, am I blinded by my love for the Jonas Brothers? Maybe. Is it their impeccable haircuts? Probably. Is it the perfect soundtrack and plot? Absolutely. 

1. Lemonade Mouth (2011)

Hands down, Lemonade Mouth is by far the best DCOM in my opinion. It is also the most "slept on" and but it definitely needs some more attention. First things first, the music is unparalleled. From the moment our unproblematic fave characters first stepped into detention and gave us the masterpiece that is “Turn Up The Music” it was clear there was no competition. I still unironically listen to the soundtrack, and yes, I do know all the words to Wen’s rap in “Determinate”. Regardless of the music, Lemonade Mouth is a super important movie to watch as a child because it depicts teens going through real-life problems and supporting each other through it all. The song “More Than a Band” and the scenes surrounding it perfectly demonstrate unconditional friendship and definitely know how to make me cry. Lemonade Mouth demonstrates the importance of determination, friendship, music, and so much more.

These 5 movies were so influential in my childhood and still remain as some of my favorite things to watch today. Whatever your favorite DCOMs were, I think we can all agree that Disney makes some pretty incredible movies that kids and adults can enjoy.  

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