Defining Yourself: Who Do You Dream of Becoming?

Growing up, our tiny human minds were filled with the endless possibilities of what we “wanted to be” when we grew up.  For many of us we dreamed of being pirates, princesses, fire fighters, and veterinarians. Halloween was our favorite holiday, because for one night of the year we could be the adults--fantasizing with the physical identities of our dreams. It allowed us to express our imaginations; a time where complete strangers could glimpse into the creative minds of young children and experience their aspirations.  Dressing up as a princess four years in a row, I personally vowed to be Belle, and only Belle--everything else was off the table. However, here I am: a freshman in college, soon to be a double major in Communications and Public Health. So when did my dream change?  When did our dream change?

For years, our minds are set on one path. We convince ourselves of our future with innocent determination.  But as we grow into young adults and later enter the college realm, our eyes are eventually forced open and our minds are shook.  Everything slowly changes. We are compelled to examine the world around us for the first time on our own. We have the ability to use our voice and demand change, we have the privilege to expand our knowledge and achieve our dreams, and we have the freedom to discover who we were meant to be: to create who we are.

These four years in college are the building blocks to defining ourselves.  The truth is, it’s impossible to do this yourself in just a short four years.  We are constantly changing and adapting to the world around us. Defining who we are is a perpetual goal, one that we may never achieve, but one that we will never stop trying to reach.  Everyone is bound to make mistakes, yet what we take away from these mistakes and how we build ourselves even stronger is what leads to our growth. The days of waking up and deciding between a princess or a firefighter are over. It's no longer "what will define me today," but rather "how can I define tomorrow”.

Defining my future self:

I dream of becoming a better me. A strong, courageous, vibrant woman, who has the drive to aim for the stars and the ambition to achieve even her wildest dreams.  I have a heart to love and value the relationships in front of me for what they are. I believe in a world of endless discoveries, one in which we are constantly finding new pieces of our identity.  I dream to become the tenacious woman my mother has showed me I can be. I strive to be the light at the end of the tunnel, where when someone thinks they can’t break the darkness, with just the smallest touch of light, brings them back to a world of optimism and prosperity.  I aspire to be the woman of the future; one who stands up for what she believes in, and one who fights for who she is. I want to give others hope that our path does not end if we make a wrong turn. We just have to find a new route to get back on track. 


It’s time to define yourself, who do you dream of becoming?



Images:  2 ; 1 + 3 are courtesy of the author