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Cure Your Winter Break Woes: Bucket List

Winter break is right around the corner, which means a full month of not having to worry about getting up early for classes, not having to stay up super late to finish homework, and not having to worry about studying for tests. Winter break is a much-needed vacation and a perfect time for some relaxation! Spending time with your family and friends always makes for a great time. Although, try something new this winter break by mixing up a few new activities into your routine. This winter break bucket list can surely come in handy for you Collegiettes during your month off.

Baking – Not only can you bake by yourself, but with your friends and family too! Nothing can be more satisfying than baking cupcakes, pies, or anything you can think of to enjoy with others. This will surely take up some time if you are bored during the day and there are so many creative recipes online for you to find. Gingerbread houses are always great to make with friends too. You can even get into the holiday spirit by bringing over holiday cookies to your friends’ house or neighbors’. How yummy!

Look up/apply to internships or jobs – Many of you might be stressing over finding internships or jobs within the next few months. Winter break is a perfect time to sit down with some coffee or hot cocoa and do an internship or job search. Even if you just start sending out your resume, you have to start somewhere! You have so much free time on your hands you might as well try to make it a semi-productive break. This will also ease some of your worries and stress. 

Read a great book – There are so many entertaining novels to pick up while you are on break. A great book is also perfect if you are traveling over winter break and need something to keep you busy. You can even start your own mini book club with your friends or family. You can even download books onto your iPad or kindle. Check out the bestseller novels at your local bookstore or on iTunes.

Be Creative – Make some arts and crafts with your friends over break. These personalized creations can make great holiday gifts that won’t break the bank! You can even make things for your dorm room at school or your room at home. Pinterest has endless ideas that are so easy to follow. The possibilities are countless, so let your creativity go wild.

Clean out your closet – This one might not sound too much fun, but the best part of cleaning out your closet is having more room to fill it with new stuff! You can donate your old clothes, which is always a great thing to do to help out others. You will feel so much better going back to school knowing your room is organized and updated.

Be one with nature – Remember when you used to play outside when you were little? Get together with some friends and re-live those childhood memories by having a snowball fight, make a snowman, go sledding down a hill, or even a bonfire with some hot cocoa. You can take great pictures and scrapbook later on.

Sweat it out – The fall and winter seasons are filled with holidays, which means so many more yummy foods to eat and enjoy. Try going to the gym at least once a week and make a work out plan that fits into your schedule. Spring break is right around the corner. You won’t regret going to the gym, even if it’s for less than an hour.

Keep these ideas in mind when you are away on winter vacation with your friends and family. It is always great to get up and do something fun or productive when you have the time to do so! Happy holidays Collegiettes, and a happy new year!

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