Creative Travel Trips to Save You Money This Summer

Everyone wants to go someplace warm and tropical in the summer, but in reality, trips like these are SO EXPENSIVE. I myself know that being in college means being on a budget all the time which can be annoying when you want to splurge on cute vacation clothes and getting the full experience. But don’t let money get in the way of looking cute, having a great time with your friends, and enjoying the warm weather. Here's how you can make it work with your budget.

1. Buy cheap bathing suits.

Stores like Victoria Secret and American Eagle can cost $50 for a top and bottom, which is outrageous! When going on vacation, most don’t want to wear the same bathing suit every day. Zaful and Romwe are websites that have extremely cheap and good quality bathing suits. Another tip is to buy basic bathing suit tops and bottoms so you can mix and match!

2. Bring staple clothing items.

If you pack lightly, you can save money on luggage by just bringing a carry on if your flying. You can also save money on buying new clothes if you stick to basics. A button down shirt can act as a cover up during the day and be dressed up for a night out! Shoes can take up a lot of space in a suitcase so stick to a pair of flip flops for the beach, nice sandals, sneakers if planning to go on excursions, and if needed, a pair of heels. Since it’ll be hot, only bring one sweatshirt because you might not need it at all. A pair of white jeans, regular jeans, and a skirt won’t take up a lot of space. Also try and stick to simple dresses or rompers which will save space because it’s a full outfit in one item. Stick to simple clothes that can be layered with a jean jacket. Check out the sale section at Forever 21!

3. Bring or buy food.

If you’re driving, buy food before the trip and if flying, hit the grocery store once you get to your destination. This will save you lots of money because you can eat meals in instead of eating at expensive restaurants. Make sure to split it with friends too to save some money!

4. Explore with friends.

When going on vacation, it’s always exciting to do adventurous things like zip lining, scuba diving, and tours but they can be costly. Before the trip, Google search hidden places to visit and take a day to go with your friends. You can rent bikes which is usually pretty cheap instead of Uber or taxis, and you can also get some cute pics!

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