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Consent Is So Frat

When you think of the term, "Frat Bro", what is the first thing that tends to cross your mind? Well, no matter what you're thinking, chivalrous and respectful are probably not the first qualities you'll come up with. In fact, you're probably thinking of qualities that are just the opposite. This image is actually totally understandable when you think back to your freshman year when frat parties were the coolest thing, and being grinded up on by "brothers" was pretty much the norm. This is not to say that some fraternity guys aren't awesome dudes, because there are definitely plenty of those. Unfortunately, though, that just isn't the stereotype. In order to put an end to this stereotype, Consent Is So Frat is slowly taking over.

Consent Is So Frat is a relatively new non-profit organization whose mission is to make consent and healthy relationships part of what it means to be a fraternity brother. Because of the concern that rape culture has brought into colleges and universities around the country, this organization aims to encourage fraternities to be allies in the fight against sexual violence on campus and aims to educate students on why the matter is so important. Most of the work that Consent Is So Frat does is in bringing curriculum on consent and sexual assault prevention to fraternities and Greek Life communities.  

This organization has just recently launched a Campus Representative Program, which allows fraternity brothers from all over America, who are willing to spread this important message, to serve as a liaison. Tell your fraternity friends and spread the word. The more we promote and educate, the safer our campuses will become.

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