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Color Your Waistline

When calorie counting and hitting the gym everyday isn't enough, take a new approach to slimming up for spring with colors. According to Reader's Digest, the color blue functions as an appetite suppressant. This could be a reason restaurants may steer clear from blue décor.

How many foods do you actually eat that are blue? Chances are, the contents of your fridge probably consist of things that are green, red, yellow and orange.
According to Colormatters.com, people are naturally un-attracted to blue foods. This is the work of color psychology; different colors have different representations and meanings. McDonalds used these tactics when constructing the idea for their now famous golden arches. Yellow and red are attention-getting colors that intensify emotion and trigger hunger.  

Test it out!

  • If you can, try and experiment with blue food coloring. Crazy as it may sound, dye your food blue and see if it makes a difference.
  • Eat off of blue plates and bowls, or even with blue utensils.
  • Wear blue nail polish. The sight of the nail polish when you pick up that fork may set it back down.
  •  Get a blue phone cover or even blue headphones. Putting these two next to your plate may trigger the appetite suppressing effect.
  • Wear blue clothing!
  •  If all else fails, try and position yourself where you can spot something blue while eating.

Really want to ramp-up the results? Try wearing orange when working out. Orange is supposed to increase your energy levels, thus creating a more effective workout.
DivineCaroline.com suggests:

  • Wear orange laces on your sneakers or get orange sneakers!
  • Wearing orange clothing is an easy way to try and amp up some motivation.
  • Add orange MIO to your water. It's just like Crystal Light, but has zero calories!

Orange is thought to have an aura that is optimistic and uplifting which, as a result, rejuvenates our body and increases the energy. Empoweryourselfwithcolor.com related the color orange with adventure and risk-taking properties.

If you were just giving up on your fitness regime, don't quit just yet. Try out these tricks and see if you get any results. However, be warned, with theory comes skepticism. Many psychologists view color therapy as a hoax and point out the “supposed” effects with color are exaggerated.

So, what do you think collegiettes? Can color really trim that waistline?




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