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Channeling Emma Chamberlain: More Than a Role Model, a Bit of a Best Friend

Emma Chamberlain has become a star in her own sense over the past few years. Her YouTube channel has opened so many more avenues for her career and has taken her places one could only dream of. Among her success as YouTuber, podcaster, and model for Louis Vuitton, Emma makes it look easy to be so busy while also always showing up for her viewers. 

I have been a fan of Emma Chamberlain for years now. Her video and vlog style have transformed into beautiful works of art. She has always kept her channel and life very open and honest to all her fans. She is unapologetically her, and I love it. I look forward to her videos every week and schedule her into my weekly routine. I listen to her podcasts when driving, at the gym, or even walking to class. She is therapeutic to me in a sense. 

Her day-to-day life and activities are usually shown in vlogs and on her YouTube, while she also gives life advice to her viewers on dating, mental health, and how to navigate the world as a young woman figuring it out. Emma’s Instagram is used (in my opinion) primarily to show her sense of fashion and new outfits she creates. All of these platforms truly help viewers get to know who Emma is. I find comfort in her life, and I am thankful for her presence on the internet.

Between her monthly travels to New York or Paris, favorite foods of the week, and opinions on dating, I know a lot about Emma Chamberlain and the life she leads. She seems to me like a best friend. When having a bad day, I often try to enjoy her in some way on one of her platforms. She inspires me in fashion, lifestyle, and overall outlook on life. Her advice pieces on her podcast truly resonate with me and help me in so many ways. 

Knowingly and unknowingly, I do mimic her. After all, she is an influencer. But my relationship with Emma, although one sided for sure, has become more to me than just that. Rather, I consider her a friend theoretically. Her presence on social media has allowed me to feel a sense of comfort and connection with her through her thoughts and opinions, much as I do my other friends. Her fashion sense has trickled into my closet, which also happens with my other friends. I think it is hard not to attach to Emma Chamberlain because she is so raw and relatable in her videos and podcast. She gives off an essence of true understanding, and it is fun to think of her as a person one could be friends with.

Of course, my intrigue to Emma Chamberlain also comes from similarities we have. For one, I am a young girl that has also grown up in a time where social media has a large presence in my life. The style and fashion we both have grown up with are similar despite the bicoastal living. We both are also very fond of coffee. I often find myself having coffee when watching her videos, or craving it after seeing her making and drinking her own brand of coffee. 

All in all, I stan Emma Chamberlain and cherish the sense of comfort she brings to my life. I will always continue to love and support her just as a best friend would (without actually knowing each other). In that way, I always hope for the best in her life and that her career always allows her to express herself in the form of art. 

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Logan Lornell

U Mass Amherst '22

Logan Lornell is a junior at UMass Amherst and is a communications major with a psychology minor. Logan has a passion for beauty, fitness, health, fashion and travel. She is excited to be apart of Her Campus and to share her thoughts and experiences on a range of topics.
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