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From The Campus Sustainability Initiative to Her Campus, Meghan Does it All!

Meghan is a senior Communication major who serves as the Communications Coordinator for the Campus Sustainability Initiative. Her duties include managing the sustainability website, generating content and planning student involvement events for the UMass community. This semester she has directed two interns within the initiative through the internship program. All semester she has organized great events, (including the upcoming UMass Amherst EPA Game Day Challenge,) promoting sustainability on campus and has worked very hard for the initiative.
After graduation, she hopes to take her experiences at UMass and turn them into a job promoting sustainability to the greater American public. Her hope is that people will consider the impacts of their behaviors, alter them accordingly, and encourage others to do the same.

Meghan is also our newest writer that will be writing about everything sustainable at UMass Amherst and beyond! Besides being a stellar intern for the initiative, she loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers, hanging out with her friends and family and playing intramural flag football… she’s on the Tightends!
Welcome to the HC team, Meghan!

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