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Campus Celebrity: Nicolas Dundas (Homecoming King)

Introducing this week’s Campus Celebrity, Nicolas Dundas

Year: Junior

Hometown:  Seekonk, MA

Major: Public Health, Psychology

Emma: Why did you decide to run for Homecoming King?

Nicolas: I had a really good friend who did it and I wanted to represent the student body. I wanted to see if  I could actually do it, to kind of make myself vulnerable and put myself in a position where win or lose I still tried something.

Emma: Now that you are Homecoming King what are your responsibilities?

Nicolas: Not as much as I thought originally, you work with the Chancellor with certain events throughout the year. Some events are even in Boston. The whole point is for me to represent the student body as a leader and be a face for the alumni association. We also do some volunteer work and some talks.

Emma C: What other organizations are you involved with on campus?

Nicolas: I’m in the Ski & Board club and on the Water Polo Team which is a club team that in intercollegiate. I’m also in the Outing Club. I was in the Sport Parachute Club which is skydiving but I haven’t really had the time. I’m also a peer advisor which means I’m in the public health club for my major. I’m also an RA so I’m part of Res-Life.

Emma C: How do you think your experience in your clubs and activities will help you succeed as Homecoming King?

Nicolas: Definitely getting to know what resources are available on campus, like a lot of my academic clubs and jobs related to student life really get me involved in understanding what there is to offer. Also getting to know people through sports teams and skiing, I get to meet people from all over the map. There is so much to the campus. 

Emma C: Do you have any advice for UMass students?

Nicolas: Everyone here is here to help you. Know that there are always available resources.There are so many people that are like “I don’t know what to do” and they can be in a really tough situation. Transitions are always difficult at such a big school. There are also so many instances where you can get 1 on 1 help. You’re not just a student here, you’re part of the community.

Emma C: What made you pick your Majors?

Nicolas: I was a nutrition major but I was definitely not taking organic chemistry. I got really into the social sciences. I like working with people and understanding how they work. Public Health is such an up and coming field and works with Holistic Health. There are so many different minor fields within it that are super interesting. My future plans are to work with policy and possibly do government work. Public Health is super relatable, that’s what got me into it. Now with psychology, I am so close with my minor, but since there are so many classes you have to take,  I thought I might as well take advantage and get 2 majors. I also just love Psych; they have always been my favorite classes.

Emma: Do you have any favorite Professors you’ve had while here at UMass?

Nicolas: Currently my Developmental Psych Professor, Professor Cheries. It’s not easy but I enjoy the fact that the class is a challenge. He does make it easy for you to learn.

Emma: Do you have a UMass bucket list? Is there anything you haven’t done here yet that you want to do before you graduate?

Nicolas: I definitely want to go sky diving with the skydiving club. It’s a super great deal. There even are just so many places that I want to eat at. I go to the dining commons all the time which is awesome, but I still haven’t been to the sub ship in Central, Greeno’s. I heard its amazing. That’s definitely on the bucket list.

Emma: What is your favorite study spot on campus besides the library?

Nicolas: I’m not really a library person, I only go there if I need a book or to talk to someone.  It’s always been my room. I live on the top floor of Kennedy so I have an amazing view, which can be a little distracting. My room has just always been the place I go to to study. 

Photos provided by Emma Lugten

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