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Braids, Baby!

Since I know you all excelled at the fishtail and snake braid from last week I have three new braids for you to try! Braids should be every girl’s go-to hairstyle. They can be tight and polished, or loose and messy, either way you wear it, braids always add a little glamour to your look. The braids this week will go from beginner level to advanced but I promise with practice AND patience you will master them. Good luck collegiettes!
Level 1: Double Braid

This braid is so easy, the first time you try it on yourself you’ll be a pro. First section off your hair into 3 equal sections as if you were about to braid your hair normally. Take the middle section and break that into three equal parts and braid down to the end of your hair. Secure the baby braid with an elastic and then start braiding your hair normally. The smaller braid you just completed will be used as one of the three sections for the larger braid. Braid the hair all the way to end and secure with an elastic. Gently tug on the braid to give it a more relaxed feel.
Level 2: The 5 Strand Braid
This braid looks MUCH harder to complete than it actually is. I was able to complete it, (on myself!) on the first try.  First separate your hair into 5 equal sections. Hold the left two (separately) in your left hand, the right two (separately) in your right hand and leave the middle piece down. Take the piece farthest to the right and bring it over the section of hair immediately to
the left, and under the middle piece. Rearrange the pieces in your hand so the 2nd section of hair is now the 1st and the middle is now the 2nd section in your right hand. Now onto the left side, repeat the steps exactly the same from the right side… The farthest section to your left is weaved over the 2nd section and under the middle. Rearrange the sections in your hair and pull them together. Repeat these steps, back and fourth until the braid it’s complete and secure with a hair tie. I’ve found that the saying “under, over” really helps me not lose track where I am during the braiding process. Just like before if your want a more relaxed look, or want to give the braid more width, just pull gently on opposite sides of the braid.
Level 3: The Side-Swept French Braid
To complete this braid you need to know how to complete a French braid.Begin with your hair parted to the side and gather an inch thick section of hair in the middle of your head at the part. Begin to French braid the small section hair making sure the braid remains as close to an inch-inch ½ as possible.
When the French braid is about a ½ inch above your ear, take an inch thick section of hair from the opposite side of your head and sweep it across your head adding it into the little braid. Keep sweeping sections of across your head and adding them to the braid until all the hair is gathered to one side of your head. Finally continue with a stand braid and secure it with a hair tie.

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