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Blaine Owen Doherty

Class of 2011

Hometown: Wayland, MA
Major: Plant soil and insect science
Minor: “that s**ts for the birds”

Interests: documentaries, conspiracy theories, outdoor activities, not playing video games and not watching cartoons

What Blaine looks for in a girl: girls with a good complexion, nice hair, and one who is comfortable and confident

What separates Blaine from the rest:  He’s quick on his on toes, he doesn’t take anything personal, he doesn’t get offended and he’ll admit to anything

Where you can find Blaine on a Friday night:  Looking for a money off campus house party

Pet peeves: wearing lanyards out of your pocket, not wearing a belt, wearing white socks with dress shoes and people that use the excuse of studying for a quiz when they could be partying

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