The Best Ways to Get Yourself into the Holiday Spirit

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I have ALWAYS been a lover of all things Christmas and holiday-themed. November is the best time to start getting in the spirit and letting the festivities begin. Gonna be honest though, I am that girl who binges Home Alone and listens to Christmas music in the middle of June. Just a huge fan I guess. For some people though, especially during these times with COVID-19 and the holidays looking differently, it may be more of a struggle to get into the holiday spirit. That is why I am here! To give you all the best tips and tricks to get yourself feeling festive and full of joy.


Christmas Music

Open up Spotify or Apple music, search Christmas playlist, and hit play. You will be reminded of all those songs you used to love and I promise you will be filled with instant happiness. Light a Christmas scented candle, blast the music, and get yourself in the holiday spirit. I have even found that making my own Christmas playlist, tailored to my taste and what I love has gotten me very excited and eager for December 25th. 

Red text neon light sign Photo by Mohammad Metri from Unsplash

Start Decorating Early 

I was always that annoying child growing up, begging my parents to start decorating for Christmas on November 1st. I would always have to wait and it felt like forever. However, since being in college and living in a house with roommates, there was nothing stopping me from decorating my room. I went to Five Below and Marshalls and found the best decorations on a budget. I decked out my entire room, and I was quickly ready for the holidays. 

gold-color Christmas bauble Eleonora Albasi/Unsplash

Bake Holiday Desserts with Friends and Family 

I always knew the holidays were around the corner when my mom would start baking pies and cookies. I believe baking is one of the best therapeutic techniques as well as a fun activity to do with your friends or family. Baking has always brought me joy, calmness, and a sense of accomplishment. The Christmas season is the perfect opportunity to bake for fun. Plus you can make it themed by making gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, and even pies that use ingredients perfect for the season. What is even better than the process of baking is the ability to give it to someone and feel rewarded and appreciated. Get in the kitchen and start baking, I am very confident you will feel festive!

Person Baking Cookies on Tray Pixaby/Pexels

Treat Yourself 

Gift-giving is one of the best parts of the holiday season. I find it so amazing that you can give something to someone you care about that will bring that person happiness. I have found that giving to others can bring you a sense of gratitude and joy. With the craziness that is occurring in the world right now, we have not given each other and ourselves enough credit. This year has been hard, and we should appreciate how far we have come. With this being said, treat yourself. If you have been eyeing something for a while, buy it, you deserve it. 

Lucie Liz via Pexels

Do these four things and I promise you will find yourself pumped about the holidays. This is the most wonderful time of the year, and you should feel just as wonderful during it!